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Other DIN Objectives

 Posted on July 18, 2011


DIN objectives with 45 mm parfocal length. Objectives from smaller less known manufacturers offer often top performance, at a lower price.
160 mm tube length:
If you own an older microscope with 160 mm tube length you might be in need for a low cost replacement objective. Or you might want to upgrade your Achromat objective with a Semi Plan or Plan version for better image quality.
DIN Infinity objectives:
Biological objectives with 0.17 mm cover glass correction and short WD at higher magnification
Metallurgical objectives with Long Working Distance and 1.5 mm coverglass correction as for example used for work on display panels
Metallurgical objectives with Long Working Distance and no cover glass correction
DIN Brightfield / Darkfield objectives:
These have long working distance. Objective thread is 30 mm x 36 TPI. So you will need a nosepiece with this threading. Or one or more positions of your existing nosepiece need too be modified. Next you will need a matching darkfield illuminator.

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