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Meiji Techno: Currently not all available objectives are shown. We can send you a complete listing in PDF format.



Mitutoyo M Plan APO 100X NA 0.50 WD 12mm NIR objectiveMitutoyo: Currently M Plan Apo, SL, , HR, NIR in standard and HR, NUV, BD in standard and SL, tube lenses, and  UV objectives are listed.
Other versions on request.


Plan APO ELWD PA 100x High NA=0.800 WD=3 mm Metallurgical objectiveMotic: Biological objectives for BA410/400 adhering to DIN standard, Infinity corrected, 0.17 mm cover glass correction
ELWD and ULWD lines ranging from 2X to 100X with or without fine adjustment of parfocal length. 100X version with high Numerical Aperture,  complements Mitutoyo’s HR version, at less than half the price.

Optem: If you need high NA for your project then these High Resolution objectives are very attractive.
For example the 20X HR version as imaged at left offers a NA of 0.60.


SEIWA 20X NUV objectiveSeiwa Long Working Distance APO objectives are available for visible, NIR and NUV range.
Most parameters are similar to Mitutoyo objectives of same magnification.
Image at left shows 20X NUV objective.

LWD objectives from other manufacturers:

  • New line of NIR objectives, can be used as replacement for similar spec Mitutoyo models. 3 mm coverglass correction is available in 20X, please inquire for other correction values.



  • Another set of Mitutoyo workalike NIR objectives with more working distance and attractive pricing.

  • Plan APO 50X NA=0.70 WD=3.5 mm Metallurgical NUV objective NUV objectives with long working distance are offered as alternative to Mitutoyo NUV versions in 20X and 50X. The 50X NUV objective is with high NA (0.70) available, working distance is then 3.5 mm, shown at left.

    Lower Cost Super Long Working Distance objectives for visible range, comparable to Mitutoyo SL line with higher working distance but consequently lower NA.


DIN objective 100X WD 2.3 mm NA 0.72Image shows a 100X DIN objective with 2.3 mm WD and NA of 0.72, pretty close to some Mitutoyo style high NA objectives but at a lower price. Objectives are available in 2.5X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X in addition to the 100X.With NA of 0.55 and WD = 7.9 mm the 50X is attractive for some applications.

Finally you can scroll through all objectives listed on this site.

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