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 Posted on June 14, 2015




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NUV objectives, 26 mm threading Long Working Distance objectives, similar to Mitutoyo, NUV transmissive.
Many parameters like parfocal length, use of f = 200 mm tube lens, and outside dimensions match the Mitutoyo part while other properties are only slightly different. And you won't need to give up performance.
Chromatic aberration is corrected for red, blue, and yellow by using an apochromatic objective lens as compared to a standard achromatic objective lens with correction for red and yellow only.
Objectives are strain-free and optimized for bright field illumination (incident illumination parallel to optical axis), making them ideal for in-line illumination applications.
Infinity correction is by way of a secondary or tube lens with a standardized focal length of 200 mm.
These objectives give you an alternative to Mitutoyo for the NUV range.

Remarkable is the 50X NUV objective with NA of 0.7. Consequently the working  distance is down to 3.5 mm. But if high resolution in the NUV  range is important then this objective has currently no competition. Mitutoyo offers a 50X NUV objective with NA of 0.65 and 10 mm working distance, US list price is $12,600. Seiwa offers a 50X NUV objective with NA of 0.5 and 10 mm working distance.

Mitutoyo threads, Mitutoyo compatible nosepiece needed or you need to use an adapter.
Spectral curve and more detailed information

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Part # / Price

Lower Cost LWD NUV objectives


Plan APO 20X NA=0.4 WD=17.15 mm Metallurgical NUV objective

OHTNUV20     CAD4108  US$3238

Plan APO 50X NA=0.43 WD=14.81 mm Metallurgical NUV objective

OHTNUV50     CAD6101  US$4809

Plan APO 50X NA=0.70 WD=3.5 mm Metallurgical NUV objective

OHTNUV50HN   CAD7065 US$5569

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