NIR-M26 Alternative Offer
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 Posted on June 25, 2016
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Alternative Long Working Distance objectives similar to Mitutoyo NIR but at lower price.
Long Working Distance objectives similar to Mitutoyo NIR but at lower price.
Many parameters like parfocal length, use of 200 mm tube lens, and outside dimensions match the Mitutoyo part while other properties are only slightly different. And you won't need to give up performance.
Prices increase in Asia relentlessly. Adjustment is based on pricing received August 8 2013.
This supplier still offers 2X and 5X NIR objectives and pricing on the higher magnifications did increase moderately only.
Chromatic aberration is corrected for red, blue, and yellow by using an apochromatic objective lens as compared to a standard achromatic objective lens with correction for red and yellow only.
Objectives are strain-free and optimized for bright field illumination (incident illumination parallel to optical axis), making them ideal for in-line illumination applications.
Infinity correction is by way of a secondary or tube lens with a standardized focal length of 200 mm.
High Resolution NIR objektive as alternative  to Mitutoyo NIR HR objectives.High Resolution NIR objektives as alternative to Mitutoyo NIR HR, as listed here.
With WD = 10 mm and NA of 0.67 the 50X objective has nearly identical parameters to Mitutoyo part # 378-863 (WD = 10 mm, NA 0.65). A NA 0.8 objective with reduced WD of 3.34 mm might be quite attractive, depending on your application. And there is a NIR HR objective in 20Xwith NA 0.45 listed.   
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Part # / Price
Lower Cost LWD NIR objectives
Plan APO 2x NA=0.055 WD=34.6 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OHTNL02    CAD684 US$510
Plan APO 5x NA=0.13 WD=44.5 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OHTNL05    CAD550 US$410
Plan APO 10x NA=0.28 WD=34 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OHTNL10    CAD1166  US$869
Plan APO 20x NA=0.29 WD=31 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OHTNL20    CAD1570  US$1170
M Plan APO 50x NA=0.42 WD=20.5 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OHTNL50    CAD2008  US$1496
High Resolution LWD NIR objectives
Plan APO 20x NA=0.45 WD=16.7 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OBWNR20    CAD6039  US$4500
M Plan APO 50x NA=0.67 WD=10 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OBWNR50    CAD7868  US$5863
M Plan APO 50x NA=0.8 WD=3.34 mm Metallurgical NIR objective
OBWNR50HN    CAD8716  US$6495
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