Motic Objectives
 Posted on November 28, 2015
Motic Plan Fluar Objective 100X (Oil)Biological objectives are conforming to the DIN Standard with 45 mm parfocal length and DIN (RMS - 20.2 mm or 0.8” x 36 tpi) threads. All objectives are Infinity corrected and come with 0.17 mm cover glass correction.
Objectives can be used with Motic’s BAxxx series microscopes as well as to upgrade other infinity scopes with DIN objectives. For example the Plan Fluar versions offer in many cases quite a bit of improvement.
Objectives for inverted microscope lines AE2000 and AE30/31 are listed as well.
Motic Plan APO ELWD 50x NA=0.550 WD=13 mm Metallurgical objectiveLWD objectives are designed for the PSM-1000 industrial scope. But at the same time they are workalikes of Mitutoyo’s M Plan APO and MPlan APO SL series and you should consider them for your application, regardless of scope brand.
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