Motic Long Working Distance Objectives
 Posted on March 02, 2016
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All objectives pictured here allow parfocal adjustment. This feature is easily identifiable by a third knurled ring right at the mounting threads.
Motic’s LWD objectives are designed for the PSM-1000 industrial scope. But at the same time they are workalikes of Mitutoyo’s M Plan APO and MPlan APO SL series and you should consider them for your application, regardless of scope brand.
Named ELWD and ULWD by Motic both lines are available with or without fine adjustment of Parfocal Length.
Also worth mentioning is a 100X objective with high Numerical Aperture, 0.80 and 3 mm working distance, similar to the M Plan APO HR (0.90/1.3 mm), but the different tradeoff between NA and WD will be attractive for some applications.
Available with or without parfocal adjustment pricing is less than half of the M Plan APO HR 100.
Finally all Motic objectives use 26 mm mounting threads with approximately 0.706 mm or 36 TPI pitch, making them interchangable with Mitutoyo and other LWD objectives..
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Part # / Price
Motic Plan Apochromat ELWD standard objectives
Plan APO ELWD 2x NA=0.055 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S102C3     CAD819 US$590
Plan APO ELWD 5x NA=0.140 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S162C3     CAD691 US$498
Plan APO ELWD 10x NA=0.280 WD=33.5 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S022C3     CAD808 US$582
Plan APO ELWD 20x NA=0.420 WD=20 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S032C3     CAD1710  US$1232
Plan APO ELWD 50x NA=0.550 WD=13 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S122C3     CAD2317  US$1669
Motic Plan Apochromat ELWD objective with high NA
Plan APO ELWD 100x High NA=0.800 WD=3.0 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S062C3A    CAD4065 US$2929
Motic Plan Apochromat ELWD objectives, Parfocal Length adjustable
Plan APO ELWD PA 2x NA=0.055 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective, parfocal distance adjustable
SG01S102C4     CAD906 US$653
Plan APO ELWD PA 5x NA=0.140 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective, parfocal distance adjustable
SG01S162C4     CAD769 US$554
Plan APO ELWD PA 10x NA=0.280 WD=33.5 mm Metallurgical objective, parfocal distance adjustable
SG01S022C4     CAD894 US$644
Plan APO ELWD PA 20x NA=0.420 WD=20 mm Metallurgical objective, parfocal distance adjustable
SG01S032C4     CAD1765  US$1272
Motic Plan Apochromat ULWD objectives
Plan APO ULWD 50x NA=0.420 WD=20.5 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S122C5     CAD3206  US$2310
Plan APO ULWD 100x NA=0.55 WD=13 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S062C5     CAD3673  US$2646
Motic Plan Apochromat NIR objectives
Plan APO LWD 20X NIR objective NA=0.4 WD=20.5 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S122C7     CAD2916  US$2101
Plan APO LWD 50X NIR objective NA=0.42 WD=19 mm Metallurgical objective
SG01S062C7     CAD3788  US$2729
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