Infinity Corrected Plan EPI objectives
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 Posted on December 14, 2016
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Infinity Corrected Brightfield Objectives for Upright and Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes, used with MT7000, MT8000, and IM7000 series  Meiji Techno microscopes.
International DIN standard, parfocal distance 45 mm, Infinity Tube Lens F = 200mm, Standard DIN 0.7965" (20.1 mm) diameter threads, 36 TPI, 55 Whitworth
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Part # / Price
Infinity corrected Plan EPI Brightfield
Meiji Plan EPI 5X Brightfield objective, WD 20 mm
MA870    CAD478 US$349
Meiji Plan EPI 10X Brightfield objective, WD 7.48 mm
MA871    CAD613 US$448
Meiji Plan EPI 20X Brightfield objective, WD 5.6 mm
MA872    CAD749 US$547
Meiji Plan EPI 50X Brightfield objective, WD 0.38 mm
MA873    CAD884 US$646
Meiji Plan EPI 100X Brightfield objective, WD 0.37 mm
MA874    CAD1560  US$1140
Infinity corrected LWD Plan EPI Brightfield
Meiji Plan EPI LWD 20X Brightfield objective, WD 11 mm
MA920    CAD1155  US$844
Meiji Plan EPI LWD 50X Brightfield objective, WD 8 mm
MA921    CAD1425  US$1041
Meiji Plan EPI LWD 100X Brightfield objective, WD 4 mm, discontinued
MA922    CAD2238  US$1635
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