Meiji Techno Objectives
 Posted on January 04, 2016
Meiji Techno: Currently not all available objectives are shown. We can send you the Meiji 2012 pricelist for objectives in pdf format, a subsection of the complete pricelist.
Here is a list of available sections.
Or, if you are interested in other Meiji Techno products please request the complete pricelist.
But the 2012 prices are not any more current. Current 2014 pricelists from Meiji Techno  are in Excel format but are essentially just a printout from their accounting program. Everything is organized by part numbers in alphabetical order.  We are working in reorganising this Excel listing to match the pdf files and our website format.
Most Meiji objectives adhere to the DIN Standard with 45 mm parfocal length and 0.7965" (20.1 mm) diameter threads, 36 TPI, 55° Whitworth.
In addition to manufactuer’s specifications we do supply the microscope models these objectives are intended for. That gives you another way to judge if a particular objective is suitable for your application. Some of the scopes you will find on this site. For others you will need to go to Just use the search window there in the upper righthand corner.
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