LWD objectives vis. range M26-95mm
 Posted on December 24, 2015
Lower Cost Super Long Working Distance Plan Apochromat objectives.
Lower Cost Long Working Distance Plan Apochromat objectives with 95 mm parfocal length for visible range.
Image above shows currently available objectives from 1X - 500X.  
Prices increase in Asia relentlessly and this offer is based on introductioary pricing received some days ago, valid till the end of this year.
Parfocal Distance = 95mm, with Mitutoyo  thread (26 mm x 36tpi).
Infinity type for use with F = 200mm tube lens, spectral transmission 400nm to 700nm.
Many parameters like parfocal length, use of f = 200 mm tube lens, and outside dimensions match the Mitutoyo part while other properties are only slightly different.
Chromatic aberration is corrected for red, blue, and yellow by using an apochromatic objective lens as compared to a standard achromatic objective lens with correction for red and yellow only.
The 250X and 500X objectives run into well known resolution limits on smallest wave length in visible light. But if the working distances for 100X, 150X, and 200X are acceptable then the relatively high NA might be attractive.

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Part # / Price
Plan APO 1x NA=0.015 WD=14. mm Metallurgical objective
OKHV01     CAD1874 US$1305
Plan APO 2x NA=0.050 WD=20 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHV02     CAD721  US$502
Plan APO 5x NA=0.12 WD=22 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHV05     CAD860  US$599
Plan APO 10x NA=0.30 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHV10     CAD1325 US$923
M Plan APO 20x NA=0.30 WD=33 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHV20     CAD1383 US$963
Plan APO 50x NA=0.50 WD=20.7 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHV50     CAD1667 US$1161
Plan APO 100x NA=0.80 WD=4.0 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHV100    CAD2739  US$1908
Plan APO 150x NA=0.60 WD=4.4 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHV150    CAD5815  US$4050
Plan APO 200x NA=0.65 WD=2.2 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHV200    CAD6461  US$4500
M Plan APO 250x NA=0.70 WD=2.0 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHV250    CAD7430  US$5175
M Plan APO 500x NA=0.75 WD=1.96 mm Metallurgical objective
OKHV500    CAD8076  US$5625
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