Fluorescent DIN Objectives
 Posted on January 04, 2016
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DIN Objectives support Fluorescence for Biological microscopes, 100X objectives are available with oil and water as immersion fluids.
Fluorescence objectives, DIN form factor, 100X versions are available with support of oil and water as immersion fluid.
Highly corrected water immersion objectives have been introduced by several manufacturers for applications involving living cells and tissues.
Because of the typical refractive index of optical glass employed for  microscope objectives, the highest ultimate optical performance is  currently provided by oil immersion objectives. Under ideal imaging  conditions, the best optical performance is achieved by use of immersion oil that exactly matches the refractive index of the objective front  lens element and cover glass.
Substitution of water or another immersion medium having a higher or lower refractive index degrades this performance. However, in situations that are non-ideal, in which spherical aberration becomes the limiting factor for image quality, the use of lower-index immersion  fluids can often be advantageous. Introduction of aqueous media into  the optical path of an oil immersion system increases spherical  aberration, and the benefits achieved by employing a water immersion  objective result simply from reduction of the most significant and limiting aberration under the prevailing imaging conditions.
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Part # / Price
DIN Achromat Plan fluorescence Objective 10X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.4, WD 3.6 mm
OKOFL10X CAD858 US$599
DIN Achromat Plan fluorescence Objective 20X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.75, WD 0.6 mm
OKOFL20X CAD915 US$639
DIN Achromat Plan fluorescence Objective 40X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.95, WD 0.17 mm
OKOFL40X CAD1074  US$750
DIN Achromat Plan fluorescence Objective 100X, water immersion, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 1.2, WD 0.2 mm
OKOFL100XW CAD1143  US$798
DIN Achromat Plan fluorescence Objective 100X, oil immersion, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 1.35, WD 0.08 mm
OKOFL100XO CAD1101  US$769
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