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Motic Plan UC Fluor Objectives

Objectives offered for Moticís BA410 line of Biological microscopes.

Objectives on BA410 sextuple nosepieceThe Motic Ba410 offers a new class of EC-H objectives, setting the price / performance standard in optical quality. Multi-layer coated lens elements for enhanced contrast and lead-free manufaturing according to RoHs standards are significant features of these new CCIS® objectives.
With excellent spherical aberration correction significantly improving lensí field flatness and resolution the EC-H objectives offer superior color reproduction and fidelity. That applies to the new EC-H phase objectives as well.
Common to all EC-H objectives is improved working distance. That allows safe usage when switching from oil to dry objectives and reduces contamination.
Motic Plan Fluar objectives will be phased out (no remanufacturing, for available inventory see detail page) in favor of the new PLAN UC FLUOR objectives replacing them. On versions with no coverglass correction please contact us on availability!

Objectives are infinity corrected, have a parfocal length of 45 mm, 0.17 mm cover glass correction and RMS (DIN) threading,PLAN UC
Anti-fungus treatment to prolong the life of both the microscope and objectives is included.

In many cases you can give your BA310/210 or older BA300/200 more performance by upgrading / replacing the most important part of your scope with higher performance objectives. Advice on your particular situation is available by sending us information about your current setup or by calling us (800-864-5391 in the US or we will call you back).

Donít hesitate to contact us if this selection doesnít meet your needs.
Tell us about your application and we will propose a possible solution.
We will send you a quote, will advise on selected parts and might offer suitable alternatives if available. If necessary we will consult with Motic and take advantage of their vast experience. Our goal is to offer you the best scope for your application and work environment, backed by the manufacturers warranty. 

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Part # / Price

zyx Motic BA410 Plan Objectives (Lead Free) - EC-H PL


Motic CCIS EC-H PL 2x

OMC702941    CAD372 US$257

Motic CCIS EC-H PL 4X/ 0.1

OMC702871    CAD120 US$83

Motic CCIS EC-H PL 10X/ 0.25

OMC702881    CAD148 US$102

Motic CCIS EC-H PL 20X/ 0.40

OMC401791    CAD225 US$155

Motic CCIS EC-H PL 40X/ 0.65/ S

OMC401801    CAD284 US$196

Motic CCIS EC-H PL 60X/ 0.85/ S

OMC702891    CAD343 US$237

Motic CCIS EC-H PL 100X/ 1.25/ S-Oil

OMC702901    CAD394 US$272

xxzy Motic Plan Fluorite Objectives (PL FLR)


Motic Plan Fluar Objective 4X

SG01S01274   CAD497  US$343

Motic Plan Fluar Objective 10X

SG01S02274   CAD833  US$575

Motic Plan Fluar Objective 20X

SG01S03274   CAD932  US$643

Motic Plan Fluar Objective 40X

SG01S04274   CAD1084 US$748

Motic Plan Fluar Objective 50X (Oil)

SG01S12274   CAD1245 US$859

Motic Plan Fluar Objective 100X (Oil)

SG01S06274   CAD2233 US$1541

PLAN UC FLUOR 4X/0.13, W.D - 17.3MM

OMC705351    CAD833 US$575

PLAN UC FLUOR 10X/0.3, W.D. = 11.7MM, CG=0.17

OMC705361    CAD932 US$643

PLAN UC FLUOR 20X/0.5, W.D=2.2MM, CG=0.17

OMC705511    CAD1117  US$771

PLAN UC FLUOR 40X/0.75, W.D=0.7MM, CG=0.17

OMC705041    CAD1246  US$860

PLAN UC FLUOR 50X/1.0 OIL, W.D=0.17MM, CG=0.17

OMC705571    CAD1201  US$829

PLAN UC FLUOR 100X/1.3 OIL, W.D=0.1MM, CG=0.17

OMC705371    CAD2392  US$1651

PLAN UC FLUOR 10X/0.3, W.D. = 11.7MM, CG=0

OMC705431    CAD959 US$662

PLAN UC FLUOR 20X/0.5, W.D=2.2MM, CG=0

OMC705441    CAD1195  US$825

PLAN UC FLUOR 40X/0.75, W.D=0.7MM, CG=0

OMC705451    CAD1347  US$930

PLAN UC FLUOR 100X/1.3 OIL, W.D=0.1MM, CG=0

OMC705461    CAD2698  US$1862

zyx Motic Plan Phase Objectives (Lead Free) - EC-H PL PH (Negative Phase)


Motic CCIS EC-H PL Ph10X/0.25 negative phase

OMC703391    CAD245 US$169

Motic CCIS EC-H PL Ph20X/0.4 negative phase

OMC703401    CAD298 US$206

Motic CCIS EC-H PL Ph40X/0.65/S negative phase

OMC703411    CAD459 US$317

Motic CCIS EC-H PL Ph100X/1.25/S-Oil negative phase

OMC703421    CAD664 US$458

zyx Plan Phase Objectives (Lead Free) - EC-H PL PH (Positive Phase)


CCIS EC-H PL Ph10X/0.25

OMC702911    $169 CAD245

CCIS EC-H PL Ph20X/0.4

OMC702921    $206 CAD298

CCIS EC-H PL Ph40X/0.65/S

OMC702931    $317 CAD459

CCIS EC-H PL Ph100X/1.25/S-Oil

OMC402441    $458 CAD664

zyx Motic Plan Apochromat Objectives


Plan Apochromat 4x/0.15 W.D. 20mm

OMC704721    $731 CAD1059

Plan Apochromat 10x/0.35 W.D. 4.2mm

OMC704731    $855 CAD1239

Plan Apochromat 20x/0.65 W.D. 7mm

OMC704741    $1067  CAD1546

Plan Apochromat 40x/0.95 W.D. 0.18mm

OMC704751    $1628  CAD2359

Plan Apochromat 100x/1.3 oil W.D. 0.25mm

OMC704821    $2464  CAD3570

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