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Adapters - objective to nosepiece

 Posted on July 18, 2011


Adapter to use Mitutoyo threaded objective in DIN nosepiece.Adapters allow to mount objectives with different threading, for example the nosepiece has RMS (20.2 mm) threading but you would like to use an objective with Mitutoyo (26 mm) threads, see image.
Since most current objectives are Infinity designs the additional length of the adapter does not create a problem.
Most objectives with Mitutoyo threading (26 mm x 36tpi) are much larger in diameter than DIN objectives and it will often not be possible to fit more than 2 objectives on much smaller diameter nosepieces with RMS threading.
Parfocal length of Mitutoyo style objectives is 95 mm versus 45 mm for DIN objectives. Our adapter adds another 9 mm. On most scopes for DN objectives the stage adjustment will not allow for additional 59 mm.
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Part # / Price

Meiji adapter for nosepiece with 26 mm thread, 36 tpi

MA686/05     CAD58  US$59

Meiji adapter for nosepiece with 30 mm thread, 36 tpi

MA686    CAD58  US$59

Adapter - 26 mm objectives in nosepieces with 40 mm thread


Adapter allows use of objectives with 26 mm threading in nosepieces with 40 mm thread

378-026-1    CAD128 US$131

Container for Mitutoyo style objectives


Plastic container for Mitutoyo style objectives with 26 mm x 36 tpi thread

CONTM    CAD12  US$12

Adapter for standard RMS (objective) to Mitutoyo (nosepiece) threading

ODRMSM     CAD48  US$49

Adapter for standard RMS (objective) to Mitutoyo nosepiece threading with step


Adapter for standard Mitutoyo to RMS threading

OKRMSM     CAD48  US$49

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