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 Posted on March 04, 2012
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Currently there are on most pages 2 different carts available. Both use weight information embedded in the cart data:
The one with yellow background is mainly intended for customers in Canada with pricing in CAD. It does ask you for your general location, just select 1 of 5 zones. That allows us to calculate shipping for Priority Mail in the US and Canada, Express Mail to locations outside Northamerica. These shipping options use actual weight only, dimensional weight cannot drive up shipping cost. Credit card payments can beprocessed in US$ only, use cardbelow.
This cart with green background calculates shipping in US$. It offers many more shipping options and supports:
1. UPS, Fedex, USPS with ground and air transport. The shipping calculation is fetched directly from their sites. The result is a more accurate calculation, especially on multiple items.
Cart will ask for country, state, Postal Code, residential or commercial status.
Virtually every country on earth is supported. Also, it will automatically offer free ground to lower continental US for orders over $500.00. On shipments under 2 pounds you might want to switch to Priority Mail, again at zero cost to you if the order is over $500.00.
UPS and Fedex use dimensional weight if applicable. The recent decrease of conversion factor for dimensional weight results in a significant cost increase! We reserve the right to adjust shipping cost accordingly.
2. If you reside in one of the former Soviet states we offer now a shipping option by forwarder with significantly lower cost, no dimensional weight. Just select your country plus zone and shipping type (sea or air). See more information on these pages:
Forwarding and Russia..
accepted are Credit Card (US$ only), PayPal, Check and COD. COD is available on shipments with UPS only. There is an additional charge of $10.50. Because of high fraud potential COD maximum amount is $500.00.
For orders below a merchandise value of $20.00 a Small Order Charge of $3.00 is added.
are  available services from United Parcel Service, Fedex, US Postal Service, and Forwarding. The default is UPS ground on packages above 2 pounds. Below that we tend to ship with Priority Mail since that is quite often more cost efficient and quicker. If you prefer a specific shipper let us know in the ‘Special Instructions’ field of our shopping cart. Charges are based on weight information in the Cart database, use published rates, and include insurance.
Forwarding to the former Soviet states is quite attractive, rates are much lower than for UPS or Fedex and most inportantr there is no dimensional weight, same as with Postal Service.
For detailed information see our
Forwarding page.
Your order will be acknowledged with an auto generated message to the email address you supplied. We might follow up with more detailed email or we might contact you by phone.
Credit Card Orders:
The shipping address should be the same as on your credit card. Otherwise, please supply both invoice and delivery address, If the card address the card billing address doesn’t match either one please supply this information in the `Special Instructions'field.
On most orders, we will send confirmation inside 48 hours after shipment, with UPS tracking number and the invoice as attachment in rtf format. You can use Wordpad, MSWord and many other wordprocessing programs for viewing/printing. A printed invoice goes out with the shipment.
Drop Shipments:
Depending on the supplier, we might not get any tracking information. In these cases we will send a notice right after expected arrival at your location. No response is needed if the order arrived complete and on time.
Please contact us by email. Or you can reach us toll free at (800)864-5391.
Or we will call you back, just
supply your phone number!
More Contact options here. Policies for shipping, payment, and returns here.

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