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Posted on March 04, 2012
You can pay in US$ or in your native currency.
Here are some points to consider:
  • Credit Cards can be processed in US$ only. When using this payment options you will need to select the US$ cart button.
  • PayPal allows multi currency payments but the cost is quite high, between 6.5 and 7.5% when paying in non US currency.
  • Bank transfers are another option. Because of the fixed and high cost of receiving funds from out of country the minimum order size for this payment option is $800.00. We get charged a fee for any incoming transfer.from outside the US. Next, in 95% of transfers banks on the transfer path take some amount of the total, without giving us any notice. So we end up paying some $45 on a $1000 transfer. On small transfers the bank fees donít go down, making this service prohibitively expensive. Consequently we will charge some of this cost to you. If you donít need a SWIFT number then we can use a small local bank, resulting in $11 lower charges.
  • The exchange rate on our site is static - it doesnít change with market conditions - and was updated on posting date, see upper righthand corner on most pages. We reserve the right to adjust pricing to the rate at order time on orders not in US$.
  • Actual price calculation in non US currency contains an adjustment for currency conversion on our end, currently 2%. Depending on payment method we get charged various rates. Converting to US$ on your end and selecting the US cart will be in some cases lower cost.
In spite of these caveats displaying prices in your currency makes it easy for you to  compare to local merchants. The upfront calculation of shipping cost helps transparency, too.
Also, you will need to consider taxes, duty, and customs processing fees on your order.
accepted are Credit Card, PayPal, Check.
For orders below a merchandise value of $20.00 a Small Order Charge of $3.00 is added.
Your order will be acknowledged with an auto generated message to the email address you supplied. We will follow up with more detailed email or we might contact you by phone.
Credit Card Orders:
The shipping address should be the same as on your credit card. Otherwise, please supply the card address under `Special Instructions'.
On most orders, we will send confirmation inside 48 hours after shipment, with UPS tracking number and the invoice as attachment in rtf format. You can use Wordpad, MSWord and many other wordprocessing programs for viewing/printing. A printed invoice goes out with the shipment.
Drop Shipments:
Depending on the supplier, we might not get any tracking information. In these cases we will send a notice right after expected arrival at your location. No response is needed if the order arrived complete and on time.
lease contact us by email. You can reach us by phone toll free at (800) 864-5391.
Or we will call you back, just
supply your phone number!
More Contact options here. Policies for shipping, payment, and returns here.

lease send any comments or questions regarding this site to webmaster.
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