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Located in a former Soviet State?

Sending parcels by forwarder can save significant money on shipping.
The following former Soviet States are supported directly by our shopping cart, please select cart button with green background:

Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

Pricing differs by country and some have many differently priced shipping zones. The main example with 9 zones is Russia, see this page for a detailed listing of shipping zones in Russia.

Following is a discussion of shipping options by country:

Ukraine is divided costwise in Central/East and West zones. Both sea (4-6 or 4-5 weeks) and air (1˝ -2 or 1-1˝ weeks) shipping are supported by our cart.

Russia is a vast country with 9 shipping zones. Both sea and air shipment are supported by the forwarder.  But the price advantage of sea shipment is rather small, maybe owing to the significant distances to be covered. And the delivery time increases to between 8-10 weeks. We don’t think many of our potential customers want to wait that long. Consequently our cart supports air only at this time. For a quote on sea shipment just put into the ‘Special Instructions’ field SEA SHIPMENT and we will send you a quote.

Belarus and Moldova share the same rates. Air shipment takes 2 - 3 weeks, sea transport 6 - 8  or 6 - 7 weeks (Moldova). Please select Russia page 3 in cart.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia are listed together with both sea and air options. Please select Russia page 3 in cart.
Transit tines are for
Lithuania: 6 - 7 weeks for sea and 2 -3 weeks for air transport
Latvia: 7 - 8 weeks for sea and 3 - 4 weeks for air shipment
Estonia: 7 - 8 weeks for sea and 3 - 4 weeks by air

Azerbaijan is landlocked and air shipment is the only option with 2 - 3 weeks delivery time.

For Georgia, and Uzbekistan shipping by air is the only option, delivery time is 2 (Georgia, city of Tashkent) or 2 - 3 weeks for the rest of Uzbekistan.

For Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan shipment by air is the only available option. Delivery time is 2 - 3 weeks for both.

Please contact us by email. You can reach us by phone toll free at (800) 864-5391.
Or we will call you back, just
supply your phone number!
More Contact options here. Policies for shipping, payment, and returns here.

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