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To make payments in other currencies more transparent:

The folloqing table shows mid market rates based on conversions to our base currency US$. Unfortunately we don’t get the mid market rate, our service providers on payments by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer charge us a rate with their margin built into the conversion.
On average the conversion does cost us around 3.5 %, so we do add 2.9% to the mid market rate.
Since we use rounding in our database for all prices published on our websites fractional currency units don’t show up.

Starting today. January 2 2016, we will publish the rate used in the upper right hand corner under the date of Last Update. Since we have to update many pages in various countries it might take us a long time to update all of them.

The shopping cart with blue background allows payments in non US$ currency, if you feel that you will get a better conversion rate at your local bank or with PayPAL or credit card just use the cart with yellow background and pay in US$.

If you want to pay in your local currency you need to use a site in your country. For example if you are in the United Kingdom and want to pay in UK pound you will need to select one of our sites in the UK.
Sometimes as an example customers intend to pay in UK pound but are on our US  site and the 2nd shopping cart there supports CAD only and we receive  the cart data in CAD. Not a problem, the cart report tells us that you  intended to pay in British Pounds since you did select the menu option  “Payment in British Poundsâ€?. We simply convert you order to UK pounds  and send you an invoice copy. On receiving your OK we will process your order as you originally intended.

On trying to offer our customers in the Ukraine payment in their local currency  UAH Hryvnia we found no support even from PayPal. But we found a gateway provider with full support for UAH and other more rare currencies.
If you want to pay in a currency not offered in the menu structure of our  shopping cart just enter in the ‘Special Instructions’ field the preferred currency and we will convert everything to this currency and send you an invoice copy. On confirmation from you tha gateway 2 provider will charge your credit or debit card in this currency or we  will send send you a PayPal request.

Page with
currency data shows gateway 2 as used in the Ukraine supports significanly more currencies than gateway 1 with support for 5 major currencies only. Let  us know your preferred currency in the ˜SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS” field and  we will convert your complete order to thay currency, create a  confirming invoice and after your OK pass the result on to the gateway 2 provider.



UK £


United States




no site




no site, use Australia site


use subdirectory ru



no site, planned for near future


or Hryvnia


Rather than dealing with large websites with 5000 or more pages some customers prefer sites with the focus on a small product range only, as indicated by the domain name. These mini sites might make it easier to locate a specific product by starting with the right product group. Currently available in Northamerica with carts for USD and CAD:
probe-tip, BeCu-probe-tip, gold-probe-tip, tungsten-probe-tip, cat-whisker-tips, probe-holders

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