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How to reach us:

toll free: (800) 864-5391 (US only)
main line: (361) 384-0754 and (361) 371-4513, for both you will need to use the country code for the US  (+1) when calling in from outside the US.
From these countries you can reach us from a phone number inside your country:
Austria / Österreich - Sie erreichen uns unter der Ortsunabhängigen Rufnummer (0)720-115406.
United Kingdom - you can call us under (020) 3318 9960. That reduces your cost on contacting us by phone to a call to London.
Germany / Deutschland - Sie erreichen uns unter 089 710 404 730 - München.

Our Voice Over IP provider will connect these lines to 361-371-4513, so the VOIP phone will ring. The call will forward to a mobile number after 15 seconds if no one picks up the line. Please consider the time zone difference when calling us, you are 6 hours ahead,

fax: (361) 371-4471, needs to be used with (+1) from outside the US and results in us receiving a fax as pdf file. The former (281) number has been dropped . We don’t see any demand for international faxes, maybe because of the cost of international faxing. But a UK fax number is possible, Please let me have some feedback on this option.

Google Voice VoIP: (361) 437-0104, preceded by  +1 when calling from locations outside the US. In many countries Google Voice is part of Gmail and you can phone directly from your Google mail.
The same number was supplied to Skype, our User ID there is krvaumd.

Or send us your number (wired) and we will call you. Wired phone numbers allow us cost free calls to 41 countries world wide.
Mobile numbers outside the US result in most cases in a charge per minute. But we will still call you back and will ask you for a landline.

email: sales, webmaster


  • tech-specialities, Inc.
    639 FM 70
    Sandia, TX 78383-5636
    phone (361) 384-0754 or 361-371-4513
    Shipping & Receiving, UPS, Fedex, truck delivery:
  • 117 Stovall, Ste’s 55, 52, 49
    Sandia, TX 78383-5731
  • phone (361) 371-4513

    All phone numbers get forwarded to a mobile phone if we are not in office or workshop.

Our 800 number covers the US only. But you can supply your phone number by email or phone and we will call you back. Please consider the timezone difference when requesting a callback. Or supply your location and we will return available time window for callbacks.

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Please contact us by email. Or you can reach us toll free at (800)864-5391.
Or we will call you back, just
supply your phone number!
More Contact options here. Policies for shipping, payment, and returns here.

Please send any comments or questions regarding this site to webmaster.
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