Credit Card Payments
Posted on November 30, 2016
Processing Rules
Address Verification:
Please suppply the address as billed to your card. Orders, where the card holder address can't be verified, will be refused. Card billiing address and shipping address should match. Otherwise we will verify the relationship between both. Please supply your phone number and/or email to allow us to contact you.

3rd Party orders:
Special rules apply if shipping address and/or name differ from the card holder data.
If card holder and ship-to seem to be unrelated, we will contact you for more information! Card holder Consent is needed, if a relationship between both addresses cannot be established.
Many credit card providers outside the USA donít support address verification.
If we canít match shipping address and card in other ways we will ask you for proof of card ownership.
In addition to US$ for credit card payment we can debit now: Australian Dollars, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen.
You will save the cost of currency conversion.
It will take us some time to convert our many product pages. On your request we will convert a specific pageset first or, depending on workload here, inside 2 or 3 days. Your invoice will show the same currency as used for the card payment.
On our Ukraine site we had to use a different gateway to support the local currency UAH (Hryvnia). As a byproduct this gateway supports many more currencies.
This procedure works on all our websites using Gateway 1 or 2:
You can pay with your local currency, just use the US$ shopping cart with green background and leave a note in the ĎSpecial Instructionsí field about the currency you intend to pay with.
We will convert the  items you did place into the shopping cart into your local currency, will create an invoice in this currency and will send you a copy of it.
You will need to confirm our invoice and we will proceed with processing of your order.
If you opted in the shopping cart for payment by
PayPal We will send you a payment request, the selected currency needs to be supported by Paypal, see this page
Please contact us by email. You can reach us by phone toll free at (800) 864-5391.
Or we will call you back, just
supply your phone number!
More Contact options here. Policies for shipping, payment, and returns here.

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