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 Posted on November 11, 2014




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Options for Probe Station chuck like gold plating and different insulation layer

To improve electrical contact between wafer and chuck, for example if you are using a bias voltage, gold plating gives you the best possible contact.

Insulation between chuck and stage is normally POM (Polyoxymethylen). Teflon offers better insulation and smoother movement.


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Part # / Price

Gold plating for 4in chuck

PSGPC4     CAD428   US$369

Gold plating for 6in chuck

PSGPC6     CAD458   US$395

Teflon insulation of 4in chuck, replaces POM layer

PSICT4     CAD55  US$47

Teflon insulation of 6in chuck, replaces POM layer

PSICT6     CAD80  US$69

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