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 Posted on December 11, 2014


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Probe tips in different styles, materials, and tip diameters, all with 20 mil or 0.508 mm shank.

A very significant increase of minimum order quantity per specification by the manufacturer forced us to increase pricing on orders below 50 probe tips, at 50 or more the price is still as before.
Inventory at hand is now shown on the detail page with the shopping carts.
Probe tips are mostly supplied in boxes of 10 or 5 per box. Additionally there is the option to buy in bulk (strip of 100 or 300 tips).

Low cost shipping to most countries:
We can ship by Priority Mail Express International with tracking and insurance using a flat rate envelope. Standard Priority Mail supports tracking inside the US and to Canada only. For all other locations payment needs to be by bank transfer to allow use of Flat Rate Boxes since there is no tracking to international locations. Customs processing is on Postal Shipments done by the local customs office, sometimes delaying delivery by several weeks. If you need day definite delivery then Fedex is a better option. Use of special Fedex supplied packaging materials circumvents dimensional weight and keeps shipping cost under control. Since Fedex supplies customs information directly to the local customs office delivery to your location takes a week or less.

Recently we did intensify our relationships with various probe tip manufacturers. That allows us to offer a wider selection at lower cost.
Take a look at our gold plated and solid tungsten tips.

BeCu probe tips withj silver plated shankBeCu probe tips, standard Beryllium Copper or with silver plated BeCu shank. Main application is on wafers with gold metallization.
Also available is gold plating in the tip area only with silver plated shank.
Starting immediately all our BeCu tip packages include VCI anti corrosion paper to minimize tarnish of silver plated area and oxidization of copper tip. After trying various anti corrosion papers we did settle on Corrosorber™ paper.



Gold plated tips are available with a tip radius range from 2.5 to 50 µm, either completely gold plated or gold in tip area only. Most use tungsten as core material.
Beryllium copper is another option with the tip only gold plated, shank is silver plated.




Solid tungsten probe tipsSolid tungsten probe tips are most commonly used for wafer probing. With aluminum pad metallization the sharper tips allow easy penetration of the oxide layer, always present on top of aluminum. Tungsten tips are available with a tip radius starting at 0.5 µm all the way up to 100 µm.




Cat Whisker probe tips with flexible tungsten wireCat Whisker probe tips use a flexible tungsten wire attached by welding, soldering, or crimping to a standard 20 mil (0.508 mm) shaft. The flexibility helps in situations with a lot of vibration present.
Because of the smaller wire diameter, compared to solid tungsten’s 20 mil (0.5 mm), manufacturing an extremely small tip radius down to 0.1 µm is possible, using a relatively low cost etch process.

All available probe tips here.

Custom probe tips made to order:
We can supply you with special probe tips made to your specifications.
Please send in your drawing or specifications for your non standard probe tip and state quantities needed. We will respond with a quote. Miniumum order quantities apply on a per design basis.

Platinum plated tips: A little while ago we had a request on platinum plated probe tips - tungsten base material - with 50 µm tip radius. We did spend some effort on it but didn’t get an order.
If you are interested in tips with platinum coating please drop us a note with information like base material (tungsten or BeCu), tip only or complete plating, tip radius, quantities.

Please contact us with any questions.

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