Probe Stations for 100 - 300 mm wafer
 Posted on April 01, 2012
Probe Stations, bare, and as kit, with or without microscope.
Kits include 2 positioners and screw mount probe holders, 1 box (10) probe tips.
4On 100 mm or 4 probe stations the scope options are stereo zoom microscopes from Meiji Techno or supplied by the probe station manufacturer.4
When probing smaller features a stereo zoom scope is not any more adequate. That applies to 100 mm / 4 stations on testing high density dies or other high density parts. A compound scope and fiberoptic illumination is a better option for magnification above 150 - 200X.
Mitutoyo has the perfect solution with the Finescope, albeit at a pretty elevated price. See Industrial Scopes for
Finescope (above $10K) solutions and lower cost alternatives like the Motic PSM-1000 (above $8K) or Meijis FU1000 (around $4K) based solutions. Or if you would like to avoid switching between objectives then this Zoom scope with a 6.5X zoom range is slightly higher only.
6150 mm or 6 probe stations are available in 3 different designs. Selection depends on your application needs. In a production environment you might want the heavy duty BD series with its additional features to accelerate workflow. In many lower duty situations - IC development and university use - where changeover time is not as critical the lower cost LC series (pictured) will be the preferred choice.
8When selecting 200 or 300 mm probe stations the BD line seems to be very attractive. 5 different microscope systems, Mitutoyo FS70, Motic PSM-1000, Meiji Techno Compound and Zoom versions, Qioptiq AZoom 2 and , allow to optimize for your application and to control expenses as well. The EB line is available for 200 and 300 mm wafer size, The LC line is limited to 200 mm max.
Cryogenic Probe Station with 4 externally controlled positioners and  Stereo Zoom scope The cryogenic probe station line allows low temperature probing from 77K all the way up to 480K in a near vacuum. Availability with externally controlled 4 or 6 positioners in 10 m or sub micron resolution with various microscopes and numerous other options gives you lot of flexibility.
Image shows a version with 4 externally controlled positioners and Stereo Zoom scope.
Gold plating of chuck gives you the best possible contact to the bottom side of your wafer.Gold plating of chuck gives you the best possible contact to the bottom side of your wafer.
Teflon offers better insulation between chuck and stage + smoother movement.
Here all probe stations are shown on one page. You will need to scroll vertically to move around, giving your wheel mouse some workout. Or you can go to the detail pages (or click any thumbnail in table), using them as a slide show by clicking left or right arrow in the upper righthand corner..
Not shown on our site yet but we can supply RF and large substrate (for example 1300 x 900) probe stations at attractive pricing. Please send us your request and we will follow up with a quote.
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