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 Posted on January 21, 2017





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Coaxial probe holder with spring clampingProbe holders for standard 20 mil or 0.508 mm diameter probe tips. Coaxial probe holder with spring clamping shown at left.



Kelvin style probe holders with integrated probe tipsKelvin style probe holders with integrated probe tips. Image shows holder plugged into our small positioner, part # PSEM300, no additional parts for mounting needed.


onfigurable alvin assembly with 2 1.5 m TRIAX connectionsConfigurable Kelvin Probe assemblies plug directly into our micropositioners and allow the user to adjust many parameters:

  1. Spread between sharp end of the tips is continuosly adjustable from close to 0 to 3 mm or about 1/8
  2. Tip angle is easily adjustable, moving from standard 45 to less than 10 or any value in between, no tool needed, just open a wing nut
  3. You can do repairs if necessary, probe tips can be replaced in less than 30 seconds
  4. Wear problem on a tip? Just turn the effected tip a little bit and get to a unused contact area, impossible on soldered in drop down tips

Terminated triax cableTerminated triax cable or as separate parts for connection to your custom probe holder.
50 Ohm Triax cables and terminators are harder to find and termination is not as easy as with Coax.

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