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Posted on May 08, 2017

Multi Contact RF probe head come in various configurations and connection options.Multi Contact RF probe heads
come with many different options:
DC to 40, 50, 67 or 110 GHz Mix RF and DC
Contacts Up to 9 RF probes per side
For MMIC or Module probing
with these features:
Individually spring loaded contacts
Inexpensive, fast, custom fabrication
Each wedge custom made to your layout
Patented coaxial design

Connection to the Model 40A is through a female K connector and is compatible with SMA and 3.5mm connectors. Connection to the Model 50A is through a female 2.4mm connector. Connection to the Model 67A is through a female V connector and is compatible with the 2.4mm connector. Connection to the Model 110A is through a W (1.1mm) or a 1.0 mm connector.
Probe head with 9 RF probes and connectors to coaxial cables below left, at right with wire connections.

Multi Contact RF probe headMany different wiring configurations are available for the dc, power supply, or medium frequency needles. Ribbon cable, coaxial cable, and hook up wire are some of the types available. Our standard connectors include banana plugs, BNC connectors, SMA connectors, (9, 15, 25, or 37) pin D-Subminiature connectors, (20 or 26) pin AMP-LATCH receptacles, which are center and military polarized. The AMP-LATCH receptacles have a double row of contacts on 0.1 inch centers and will receive .025 inch square or round pins. Other connectors can be specified.


Bypass capacitors for the power supply pins are available in three different locations ("A", "B", and "D")3 different mounting positions for bypass capacitor  available

Configuration - Pitch - Mounting Style

Configuration: Specify GSG, GS or SG for tip placement where S is the signal tip and G is a ground tip. Use the following diagram to determine the appropriate configuration.

Pitch: Specify ground (G) to signal (S) tip spacing in Microns from 50 to 1250 microns. For standard GSG probes, the two spacings are equal. Contact the factory for spacings larger than 1250 microns or unusual tip placement and spacings.


Mounting Style: Choose from thirteen adapter styles. Specify T, C, GR, P, DP, EDP, LP, Q, F, S, DS, VP, or RVP. Choose the appropriate mounting type for your  application. The P, DP, EDP, LP, Q, S, DS, VP, and RVP styles have the  connector pointing back at a 45 degree angle to give more working area above the probe.
The DP, EDP, DS, VP, and RVP styles are used where extra clearance beneath the probe is needed. When using DP, EDP, and DS  style probes, probe positioning is more difficult due to the increased  probing angle since the probe points slide further forward for a given  change in the Z axis than other style probes. Custom mounting styles are available.

RF probe head P - style with dimensionsP - style RF head P - style

More adapter style images on this page.



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