Configurable Kelvin Probes

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 Posted on January 23, 2017





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0.7625 US$ per CAD on posting date

0.7625 US$ per CAD on posting date

Configurable Kelvin Probe assemblies plug directly into our micropositioners just like the standard fixed Kelvin probes, no adapter needed.
Different Concept allows the user to adjust many parameters:

  1. Spread between sharp end of the tips is continuosly adjustable from close to 0 up to 3 mm or about 1/8
  2. Tip angle is easily adjustable, moving from standard 45 to less than 15 or any value in between, no tool needed, just open a wing nut and rotate the mounting bracket a little bit. That allows use of high resolution objectives with high NA but less WD.
  3. You can do repairs if necessary, probe tips can be replaced quite easily to change tip radius (100 m - 0.1* m), material (tungsten to BeCu as example), and design (solid to cat whisker*) in less than 30 seconds
  4. Wear problem on a tip? Just turn the effected tip a little bit and get to a unused contact area, impossible on soldered in drop down tips
    * Probe tips with radius below 0.5 m will all be Cat Whisker and might need more alignment work since the thin extension wire might not be centered in relation to axis of the shank.
  5. The probe tip area of all our websites offers a vast selection of tip radius, wire material (tungsten - Wolfram +alloys, BeCu, gold plating, tip only or complete)),  and design, for example solid or cat whisker.
    Availability is listed on the detail pages, but numbers are potentially only valid on posting date, depending on sales thereafter. Since we cannot keep up with these changes in a timely manner and recompile pages or manually edit them after every probe tip sale we decided to publish this data on our US website, for example for tungsten. Data is copied into a standard html page as well but it might take some time to update the various websites.
  6. A pair of matching probe tips as specified in your original order comes with all configurable Kelvin assemblies. But you might do routinely testing on differing samples and our standard 5 or 10 per box packages are not a good match, so we introduced a special 10-pack containing 5 bdifferent probe tip pairs, see last item in the table below.

Other parameters:

Tips are mounted on teflon tabs resulting in much better electrical performance resulting in lower leakage.

Connection to your instruments can use tabs close to the tips, 1.5 m COAX or TRIAX cabling, both with standard twist-on connectors

Please contact us if you need something special.

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Part # / Price

zyx All our probe tips with 20 mil or 0.508 mm shank diameter can be used.


Configurable Kelvin Probe Assembly with 2 probe tips of your choice

PSAPSTCKP      CAD174   US$129

Configurable Kelvin Probe Assembly with 2 probe tips of your choice, 1.5 m COAX connection

PSAPSTCKPC     CAD201   US$149

Configurable Kelvin Probe Assembly with 2 probe tips of your choice, 1.5 m dual COAX connection

PSAPSTCKPC2      CAD255   US$189

Configurable Kelvin Probe Assembly with 2 probe tips of your choice, 1.5 m TRIAX connection

PSAPSTCKPT     CAD286   US$212

Configurable Kelvin Probe Assembly with 2 probe tips of your choice, 1.5 m dual TRIAX connection

PSAPSTCKPT2      CAD327   US$242

Box of 5 pairs of solid tungsten/BeCu/gold plated/cat-whisker probe tips, total 10 tips, let us know the tip radius


Modified Teflon tabs and different mounting hardware allows to use objectives with 3 mm WD and high NA.

PSPTABM      CAD26  US$19

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