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Posted on November 11, 2014


Vacuum pump with switch, 7 liter / 250 mm Hg, 120 Volt







Small vacuum pump complete with ON/Off switch, sufficient for all our probe stations, 12" included.
This is a 120 Volt version, 230 Volt available, see next item (right arrow at top right).
7 ltr/min at up to 250 mm Hg
Outside dimensions (LxWxH) 91 x 58 x 77 mm high, that includes the rubber feet. The pump body is about 58 mm square. Add 8.5 mm for vacuum inlet on one end and 10 mm in height for exhaust. Nipples are 5 mm nominal for 5 mm plastic tubing. Attached US power cord is about 8' (240 cm) long with the switch about 32" (81 cm) from the pump. A pair of flexible rubber feet spaced 48 mm apart elevates the pump body about 19 mm above the mounting surface and reduces any vibrations. 4 integreated metal bushings with about 4.25 mm holes allow mounting with metric M4 screws or equivalent SAE. Bushings are spaced 63 mm apart.

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So the mountaing pattern is a rectangle 48 mm long and 63 mm wide. The rubber feet have each cylindrical 2 mm high extensions, 8.5 mm diameter. So the mounting surface could have 4 recesses 8.5 mm dia and 2 mm deep with M4 threading in the center.

1 year manufacturer warranty

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