Buiding Blocks for Probe Stations or build your own specialized test fixture.

Posted on November 11, 2014


100mm / 4in vacuum chuck + stage for probe station, Z axis adjust







100 mm / 4" Vacuum Chuck and Stage assembly for probe station. When building your own test fixture or custom probe station this buiding block will solve your thorniest issue.
Stage assembly supplies X-Y and Z-axis adjustments. Chuck will hold down device under test through vacuum. Pattern supports 4", 3", 2" wafers. Vacuum pump will be needed and is not included in this offer.
Ideal for small wafers, 100 mm / 4" or less
Chuck stage front and side adjustable
Chuck theta coarse adjustment
Z axis adjustment with micrometer
Backlash-free movement
100 mm / 4" stainless steel vacuum chuck
Chuck stage allows 4" x 4" travel in X-Y directions
Chuck theta: coarse adjustment up to 30 degrees
4 mounting holes with M8 threads on 75 x 75 mm square

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Total height from mounting plane to top of chuck 140 mm / 5.5" 2 mm
0.4 mm / 63.5 tpi spindles
Net weight: 3.6 kg or 8 lbs
Operational Requirements: 7 liter/min 250 mmHg vacuum supply

1 year manufacturer warranty

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