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Meiji MT7000/7500 series microscopes

 Posted on 7/9/09


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Meiji Techno’s new MT7000 series metallurgical microscope line has been designed for reflected light observation. The 7500 series is capable of brightfield, darkfield, or simple reflected polarization technique.

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Part # / Price

MT7000 series Laboratory Microscopes


Meiji Binocular Metallurgical Scope MT7000 30W Koehler illumination

MT7000         US$4640

Meiji Trinocular Metallurgical Scope MT7100 30W Koehler illumination

MT7100         US$4800

MT7500 series Laboratory Microscopes


Meiji Binocular Metallurgical Scope MT7520 30W Koehler illumination

MT7520         US$6640

Meiji Trinocular Metallurgical Scope MT7530 30W Koehler illumination

MT7530         US$6800

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