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 Posted on January 20, 2014


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Meiji Techno FU3054 focus blockAccessories for Meiji Techno’s MC-70 series microscope might enable your  advanced measurement application.

Meiji Techno 3950 Focusblock with quintuple nosepieceIf you want to use Mitutoyo style objectives at least occasionally please be aware that because of their larger diameter only 2 of them will fit at the same time on the quintuple nosepiece, image at right. Alternatively you can use the focus block with quadruple nosepiece, see image above left.

Please contact us for special configurations.

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Part # / Price

MC70 Viewing Heads


Binocular head - Siedentopf type,  Inclined at 30 degrees. Inverted Image.

MA815    $479 CAD532

Trinocular head - Siedentopf type, I.P. adjustment 53mm to 75mm, graduated diopter on left eyetube

MA816    $672 CAD747

Trinocular head - Siedentopf type, erect image with sliding 0/100 beamsplitter

MA979    $1113  CAD1237

MC-70 Eyepieces


SWH10X Widefield high eyepoint eyepiece, Field No. 22, tube O.D. 30 mm, each

MA817    $154 CAD171

SWH10X-Focusing eyepiece with reticle mount with cross-line reticle.

MA859CF    $292 CAD324

Eyeshield for MA817 SWH 10X eyepiece (each)

MA906    $10  CAD11

Brightfield/Datkfield Plan EPI objectives


Meiji Plan Epi Objective BD 5X, NA. 0.10, WD 17 mm, FN 22

MA923    CAD661 US$595

Meiji Plan Epi Objective BD 10X, NA 0.25, WD 7.48 mm , FN 22

MA924    CAD767 US$690

Meiji Plan Epi Objective BD 20X, NA 0.40, WD 5.20 mm , FN 22

MA925    CAD872 US$785

Meiji Plan Epi Objective BD 50X, NA 0.75, WD 0.38 mm, FN 22

MA926    CAD1081  US$973

Meiji Plan Epi Objective BD 100X objective , NA 0.90, WD 0.40, FN 22

MA989    CAD1485  US$1336

Meiji adapter for nosepiece with 26 mm thread, 36 tpi

MA686/05     CAD70  US$63



Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator for X-Y axis movement: Range 50mm (2”) ( 2 Required)Mitutoyo "Digimatic" micrometer heads w/rotating face plate

MTI164-164     CAD997 US$897

2" extension rod for digimatic indicator

MTI301657    CAD22  US$20

Mitutoyo "ABS Digimatic" indicator battery powered (Z-Axis), lug back

MTI543-252     CAD423 US$381

Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator (lug back) for Z axis movement: Range 12.7mm (0.5”)

MTI543-392     CAD455 US$409

38mm Extention rod for digital indicator (38mm x 4.75mm)

MA721    CAD43  US$39

Mounting bracket for digital Z axis indicator (for use with FU-1010)

MA807    CAD49  US$44



Vertical koehler illuminator with sliding rotatable polarizer

MA993    CAD1081  US$973

Single arm light guide, 36in, flexible

FT190/12     CAD234 US$211

Light Source: 120VAC, 50-60Hz

FT190/115    CAD423 US$381

Coaxial focus block w/ quintuple nosepiece for PlanachromatEpi Brightfield/Darkfield objective

FU-3050    CAD1071  US$964

Coaxial coarse & fine focus block w/ Brightfield/Darkfield quadruple nosepiece

FU-3054    CAD1081  US$973

Heavy duty stand with 410mm pillar and mounting bracket for FU-1010

MAC-11     CAD1582  US$1424

Adapter to allow installation of more than 2 Mitutoyo style objectives on quintuple nosepieces

OKMMC    CAD52  US$47

Adapter set (5) to allow installation of Mitutoyo style objectives into all positions on quintuple nosepieces

OKMMC5     CAD209 US$188

50x50mm X-Y measuring stage to take digital micrometers

MA728    CAD1680  US$1512

50x50 X-Y measuring stage for transmitted light take digital micrometer

MA729    CAD1827  US$1644



Blue clear filter,19.5mm diameter filter in metal mount, fits 30mm filter slot

MA275/25     CAD91  US$82

Green clear filter,19.5mm diameter filter in metal mount,fits 30mm filter slot

MA275/30     CAD91  US$82

ND50 neutral density fillter,19.5mm diameter filter in metal mount,fits 30mm

MA275/50     CAD91  US$82

Polarizing filter,19.5mm diameter filter in metal mount,fit 30mm filter slot

MA959    CAD91  US$82



Stage micrometer, 1mm divided into 100 units, 01mm

MA285    CAD112 US$101

Metal stage micrometer, 1mm divided into 100 units, 01mm

MA292    CAD224 US$202



Dust cover for ML-BD-MET, MT7520, MT7530, MT8520 & MT8530

MA709    CAD22  US$20

Glass stage plate, clear, 94.5mm diameter

MA569    CAD49  US$44

Bulb 21V,150W (bulb for FL150) EKE

FL150/70     CAD43  US$39

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