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 Posted on April 13, 2015






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This area presents available stereo microscopes from Motic:

  • SMZ-140 Stereo Zoom scope with 4:1 zoom rati
  • SMZ-168 Stereo Zoom with 6.7:1 zoom ratio
  • SFC-11 Stereo scope 2 magnifications
  • K400 4-step CMO stereo microscope
  • K401 Plan Achromat 4- Step CMO stereo microscope
  • K500 5-step CMO stereo microscope
  • K700 CMO stereo zoom microscope, 5.2:1 zoom ratio

    CMO microscopes from Motic are comparible in pricing to their Greenough stereo zoom models, contrary to most other manufacturers with their CMO scopes at several times the price of their Greenough versions.
  • About stereo microscope design approaches.

    Donít hesitate to contact us if this selection doesnít meet your needs.
    Tell us about your application and we will propose a possible solution.
    We will send you a quote, will advise on selected parts and might offer suitable alternatives if available. If necessary we will consult with Motic and take advantage of their vast experience. Our goal is to offer you the best scope for your application and work environment, backed by the manufacturers warranty. 
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