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 Posted on October 21, 2014






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Stainless steel wire GEM holderExpand the range of your Motic GM168 scope with these special tools.
Includes holders, optimized for specific gem stones, pointer, immersion cell, polarization kit, auxiliary lenses and eyepieces, special diamond reticule.

Donít hesitate to contact us if this selection doesnít meet your needs.
Tell us about your application and we will propose a possible solution.
We will send you a quote, will advise on selected parts and might offer suitable alternatives if available. If necessary we will consult with Motic and take advantage of their vast experience. Our goal is to offer you the best scope for your application and work environment, backed by the manufacturers warranty.

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Part # / Price

zyxGM-168 Gem Holders


Wire gem stone holder

AJ4311105    $77  CAD89

Rounded edge holder for gem stones

AB80AD136    $77  CAD89

Diamond holder (magnetized)

AJ4311109    $279 CAD321

zyxGM-168 Gem Tools


Inclusion pointer

AB80AD138    $59  CAD68

Diffuser plate

AB80AD124    $58  CAD67

Immersion cell

AJ4311110    $33  CAD38

Polarizer kit, 2 pieces

AB80AD139    $133 CAD153

Rotary table for polarizing kit

AJ4311111    $47  CAD54

Large gem plate

OMC900491    $58  CAD67

zyxGM-168 Auxiliary Lenses


1.5X auxiliary lens, WD = 50mm

AX6602610    $99  CAD114

2.0X auxiliary lens, WD = 34.5mm

AX6602611    $99  CAD114

zyxGM-168 Eyepieces


Widefield eyepiece 10X / F.N. 23

SG02T0218    $80  CAD92

Widefield eyepiece 15X / F.N. 17.6

SG02T0318    $62  CAD71

Widefield eyepiece 20X / F.N. 13.4

SG02T0406    $62  CAD71

zyxGM-168 Micrometer Eyepiece


Micrometer Eyepiece, 10X / F.N. 23 with diamond analyzer reticule

SG02T0223K     $123 CAD142

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