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Motic fiberoptic light source with local and remote intensity controlAdditional illumination options, filters, camera adapters, spare bulbs for your Motic GM-168 GEM microscope.

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We will send you a quote, will advise on selected parts and might offer suitable alternatives if available. If necessary we will consult with Motic and take advantage of their vast experience. Our goal is to offer you the best scope for your application and work environment, backed by the manufacturers warranty.

Stock: Motic sends us since some time information on stock at hand, typically  monthly. A negative number means only: Current orders exceed the stock.
For negative or 0 stock numbers we will check with the manufacturer. Please send to us your
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Part # / Price

zyxGM-168 External Illumination


Motic MLC-150 Fiber optic illuminator

SP120070     $369 CAD425

Blue filter for Motic MLC-150 Fiber optic illuminator

SG0699H5     $34  CAD39

Motic Gooseneck light guide, single arm

SP990075     $97  CAD112

Motic Gooseneck light guide, dual arm

SP990076     $175 CAD202

zyxGM-168 Camera Adapters


2X SLR Projection lens

AX6602603    $85  CAD98

0.35X C-mount focusable camera adapter for 1/4in chip sensors

SP100456     $97  CAD112

0.45X C-mount focusable camera adapter for 1/3in chip sensors

SW0113N7     $97  CAD112

0.65X C-mount focusable camera adapter for 1/2in chip sensors

SW0113W9     $97  CAD112

1.0X C-mount camera adapter, no lens, focusable

SP100458     $97  CAD112

2.5X adapter for 35 mm Digital still camera

AJ4311115B     $85  CAD98

zyxGM-168 Adapters for Sony cameras


Sony FD-71 Digital still camera adapter*

SW012813     $33  CAD38

Sony DSC-F505 Digital still camera adapter*

SW012819     $33  CAD38

Sony S85 Digital still camera adapter*

SW012835     $33  CAD38

zyxGM-168 Spare Bulbs


7W Fluroescent bulb replacement

SE060005     $14  CAD16

6V/30W Quartz halogen replacement bulb

SE060215     $16  CAD18

21V/150W halogen spare bulb for SP120070

SE060216     $66  CAD76

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