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 Posted on April 13, 2015






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    This area presents Moticís line of Stereo microscopes with Common Main Objective.

  • K400 4-step CMO stereo microscope
  • K401 Plan Achromat 4- Step CMO stereo microscope
  • K500 5-step CMO stereo microscope
  • K700 CMO stereo zoom microscope, 5.2:1 zoom ratio

K-400L Binocular head with  incident/transmitted light, large working area stand, standard 1X objectiveEmploying a Common Main Objective [CMO] optical system, these scopes produce flat, crisp, and true colour representations for the user over a long and continuous period. Two parallel optical paths share one common large objective defining the Common Main Objective design and with a wide range of photo accessories and illumination choices.
The CMO system benefits the user with the potential of accessory addition without sacrificing optical quality, which makes the CMO scope suitable for inspection applications. Image shows
K-400Lwith incident/transmitted light, large working area stand, standard 1X objectiveK-700L Binocular head with incident/transmitted light, large working area stand.

Image at right shows K-700L with Binocular head and incident/transmitted light, large working area stand.
CMO stereo microscopes are generally used for more complex  applications requiring high resolution with advanced optical and illumination accessories. The wide spectrum of accessories available for these microscopes ladds to their strength in these areas.
A major consideration is often cost. CMO stereo microscopes  can cost several times more than a Greenough stereo microscope, so this naturally will strongly influence buying decisions.But the Motic K-series CMO microscopes are compaeable in pricing to their Greenough versions. That shouuld make the deision for a CMO scope a lot easier!

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