Motic BA400 Accessories
 Posted on March 04, 2012
This area presents accessories and parts for Motic’s BA400 line of Biological microscopes.
Motic’s BA400 line has been superceded by the BA410 range.
Parts will be available, many are identical to BA410 parts. But in some cases they will not be in local inventory, please check with us.
All prices of parts not used on the BA410 line are from 2010, the last time the BA400 line was listed. We will need to check for current availability and pricing.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if this selection doesn’t meet your needs.
Tell us about your application and we will propose a possible solution.
We will send you a quote, will advise on selected parts and might offer suitable alternatives if available. If necessary we will consult with Meiji and take advantage of their vast experience. Our goal is to offer you the best scope for your application and work environment, backed by the manufacturers warranty. 
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Part # / Price
Motic BA400 Basic Sub Assemblies
BA400 Main Body with reversed quintuple nosepiece, Koehler illumination 6V/30W
AB404AE75    $1047  CAD1053
Siedentopf Binocular Head, 30° inclined
AS10.0016B     $156 CAD157
Siedentopf Trinocular Head, 30° inclined (100% eyetubes or 100% tri. tube)
SP10.0452B     $314 CAD316
Siedentopf Trinocular Head, 30° inclined (100% eyetubes or 20% eyetubes and 80% tri. tube)
SP10.0469B     $314 CAD316
Motic BA 400 eyepieces
WF PL 10X/ 22mm focusable with diopter adjustment, with eyecup (each)
SG02S0144    $78  CAD78
WF PL 10X/ 22mm with cross line, focusable with diopter adjustment (each)
SG02S0155    $114 CAD115
WF PL 12.5X/ 16mm, focusable with diopter adjustment (each)
SG02S1301    $145 CAD146
WF PL 15X/ 14.5mm, focusable with diopter adjustment (each)
SG02S0504A     $95  CAD96
Motic Reticles for BA400
Reticle, Cross line
SG060365     $41  CAD41
Reticle, Micrometer (100 divisions in 10mm)
SG060364     $41  CAD41
Reticle, Cross line with micrometer (100 divisions in 10mm)
SG060363     $41  CAD41
Motic BA 400 Condensers
Achromat Swing-out Condenser, N.A. 0.90 / 0.13
SG030601     $79  CAD79
LWD Achromatic Condenser, N.A. 0.65 (W.D. 10.8)
SG030337     $311 CAD313
Phase Contrast 5 position (BF, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X) Turret Condenser
SG030501     $311 CAD313
Phase Contrast 5 position (BF, DF,10X, 40X, 100X) Turret Condenser
SG030502     $311 CAD313
Motic BA 400 Polarizing Equipment
Simple plug in Polarizer
SP080021     $50  CAD50
Simple add on Polarizer
SW0199UH     $32  CAD32
Analyzer slider with rotating mount (360° rotatable)
SW0199XA     $107 CAD108
Compensator, first order red
SW0199X3     $314 CAD316
Centering scope for phase operations
SG069993     $84  CAD84
Motic BA 400 Stages
Mechanical stage with left-hand control (2 slides)
SW010336     $157 CAD158
Mechanical stage with right-hand control (2 slides)
SW01.0336B     $157 CAD158
Motic Photo and C-mount Adapter
1X C-mount camera adapter, no lense
SP10.0350    $131 CAD132
0.65X C-mount camera adapter for 2/3in chip sensors
SP10.0384    $131 CAD132
0.5X C-mount camera adapter for 1/2in chip sensors
SW01.13N3    $131 CAD132
0.35X C-mount camera adapter for 1/3in chip sensors
1101002300571    $131  CAD132
Photo Adapter
SP10.0294    $104 CAD105
Photo eyepiece 2.5X
SG02.S1001     $184 CAD185
Photo eyepiece 4X
SG02.S1101     $145 CAD146
BA400 EPI-Fluorescence Attachment
Complete EPI-Fluorescence Attachment for BA400 consists of
AZ10.00022A    $3762  CAD3784
Epi-Fluorescence attachment with filter cassette
AZ10.00023     $1216  CAD1223
Mercury Lamp 100W
SE060110     $508 CAD511
Lamphouse HBO 100W
AZ10.00007     $1001  CAD1007
Collector lens
AZ10.00041     $154 CAD155
Mercury Lamp socket for HBO 100W
AZ10.00009     $558 CAD561
Starter unit HBO 100W
SP12.0066    $1111  CAD1117
Lamp centering tool
AZ10.00042     $104 CAD105
Power cord for Epi attachment
SE03.0030B     $12  CAD12
BA400 Standard Fluorescence Filter Sets
DAPI and Hoechst fluorescence Set:
AZ1000072A     $834 CAD839
FITC FITC/RSGFP/Fluo 3/DiO Acradine Orange(+RNA) fluorescence Set:
AZ1000073A     $834 CAD839
FITC (Long Pass) fluorescence Set:
1101000200851    $834  CAD839
TRITC (Rhodamine)/DiI/Cy3 fluorescence Set:
AZ1000074A     $834 CAD839
Texas Red / Cy3.5 fluorescence Set:
AZ1000075A     $834 CAD839
Cy5, Alexa Fluor 633, Alexa Fluor 647 fluorescence Set:
AZ1000076A     $850 CAD855
Cyan GFP fluorescence Set:
AZ1000077A     $834 CAD839
Endow GFP Bandpass Emission fluorescence Set:
AZ1000078A     $986 CAD992
Yellow GFP BP (10C/Topaz) fluorescence Set:
AZ1000079A     $850 CAD855
Empty fluorescence filter cube
AZ1000013A     $157 CAD158
BA400 Optional Accessories and Replacements
Phase Centering Telescope for BA & AE series
SG06.9993    $84  CAD84
Eye Level Risers (20mm) for BA400
SP13.0020    $60  CAD60
SG06.0728    $16  CAD16
SG06.0726    $16  CAD16
BA/AE 45 mm Blue filter New code (Old: SG06.0727M) Blue Filter for AE20/21/BA300
SG06.070M    $11  CAD11
45mm Green Interference Filter for AE20/21
SG06.0769A     $30  CAD30
Neutral Density Filter N.D.2 45mm
SG06.0768    $17  CAD17
BA-Didymium filter 45 mm for BA300/400 (New Code)
SG06.070H    $65  CAD65
BA400 Replacement bulbs
Halogen Lamp 6V/30W
SE06.0215    $16  CAD16
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