BA210 Accessories
 Posted on March 04, 2012
This area presents accessories and parts for Moticís BA210 line of Biological microscopes.

Donít hesitate to contact us if this selection doesnít meet your needs.
Tell us about your application and we will propose a possible solution.
We will send you a quote, will advise on selected parts and might offer suitable alternatives if available. If necessary we will consult with Meiji and take advantage of their vast experience. Our goal is to offer you the best scope for your application and work environment, backed by the manufacturers warranty. 
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Part # / Price
Motic BA 210 eyepieces
N-WF10X/ 20mm focusable with diopter adjustment
OMC40155x    $60  CAD60
N-WF12.5X/ 18mm, focusable with diopter adjustment (B.EYE44B)
OMC402051    $144 CAD145
N-WF15X/ 16mm, focusable with diopter adjustment (B.EYE30B)
OMC402061    $99  CAD100
Motic Reticles for BA210
Cross line (25mm diameter)
SG060365     $41  CAD41
Micrometer (100 divisions in 10mm) (25mm diameter)
SG060364     $41  CAD41
Cross line with micrometer (100 divisions in 10mm) (25mm diameter)
SG060363     $41  CAD41
Pointer (25mm diameter)
SG060364     $41  CAD41
BA 210 Phase Contrast Equipment
Phase slider 10X (to be used with EF-N Plan Phase 10X objective)
OMC900561    $57  CAD57
Phase slider 40X (to be used with EF-N Plan Phase 40X objective)
OMC100391    $57  CAD57
Phase slider for 10X, 40X phase, centerable
OMC100531    $62  CAD62
Centering scope for phase operations
SG069993     $82  CAD82
Darkfield slider
Simple darkfield slider (10X-40X)
OMC900542    $95  CAD96
Simple Polarizing ( NOT applicable with LED illumination )
Simple add on analyzer
OMC300021    $34  CAD34
Simple add on polarizer
OMC300741    $31  CAD31
Photo and Video Adapters
1X C-mount camera adapter, no lense
OMC901771    $129 CAD130
0.65X C-mount camera adapter for 2/3in chip sensors
OMC901781    $129 CAD130
0.5X C-mount camera adapter for 1/2in chip sensors
OMC901791    $129 CAD130
Photo Adapter
OMC901931    $103 CAD104
Photo eyepiece 2.5X
SG02.S1001     $181 CAD182
Photo eyepiece 4X
SG02.S1101     $143 CAD144
BA210 Optional Accessories and Replacements
SG06.0728    $16  CAD16
SG06.0726    $16  CAD16
45mm Blue filter LQ-2
OMC300322    $16  CAD16
BA200 Mirror set
OMC900461    $37  CAD37
BA210 Replacements
Halogen Lamp 6V/30W
SE06.0215    $16  CAD16
Immersion Oil 5ml (MOQ 10pcs, $60.00 per pack)
OMC300011    $6 CAD6
LED Bulb Assembly
OMC400022    $32  CAD32
Power Cords
Power cord UL / CSA plug
OMC200601    $12  CAD12
Power cord VDE plug
OMC200131    $12  CAD12
Power cord UK plug
OMC200151    $12  CAD12
Power cord SAA plug
OMC200861    $12  CAD12
Power cord CCC plug
OMC200781    $12  CAD12
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