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 Posted on April 20, 2015




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This area presents currently available versions of Moticís AE30 / 31 line of complete inverted microscope systems and modular sers.

Donít hesitate to contact us if this selection doesnít meet your needs.
Tell us about your application and we will propose a possible solution.
We will send you a quote, will advise on selected parts and might offer suitable alternatives if available. If necessary we will consult with Motic and take advantage of their vast experience. Our goal is to offer you the best scope for your application and work environment, backed by the manufacturers warranty. 

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Part # / Price



WF PL 10X/22mm, with diopter adjustment and rubber eyecup

     $82 CAD103

WL PL 10X/22 mm, with cross line and diopter adjustment

OMC200481    $120 CAD151

WF PL 12.5X/17.5mm, with diopter adjustment

OMC200571    $152 CAD192

WF PL 15X/14.5mm, with diopter adjustment

OMC200561    $99  CAD125



Eyepiece reticle, Cross line

OMC    $43  CAD54

Eyepiece reticle, Micrometer (100 divisions in 10mm)

OMC401041    $43  CAD54

Eyepiece reticle, Cross line with micrometer (100 divisions in 10mm)

OMC401262    $43  CAD54



ELWD N.A. 0.30 (W.D. 72mm) condenser

OMC700601    $312 CAD393

LWD N.A. 0.5 (W.D. 28mm) condenser

     $538  CAD678

zyxPhase Contrast equipment


Phase sliders, centerable, Ph1, brightfield, Ph3 (for ELWD condenser)

OMC700481    $138 CAD174

Phase sliders, centerable, Ph1, brightfield, Ph3 (for LWD condenser)

OMC700541    $138 CAD174

Phase centering telescope

     $87 CAD110

zyxAE30/31 Stage Accessories


Glass stage insert

OMC200762    $17  CAD21

Metal stage insert

     $36 CAD45

Auxiliary Stage (per piece)

OMC200471    $31  CAD39

Universal attachable mechanical stage with well plate holders (128 x 86 mm)

OMC200521    $627 CAD790

Well plate holder (132 x 88 mm)

OMC300832    $81  CAD102

35mm Petri dish holder

     $57 CAD72

54mm Petri dish holder

OMC200312    $57  CAD72

65mm Petri dish holder

OMC200551    $57  CAD72

Hemacytometer holder

OMC200492    $57  CAD72

zyxCamera & Photomicroscopy attachments


1X C-mount camera adapter, no lense

OMC200252    $137 CAD173

0.65X C-mount camera adapter for 2/3in chip sensors

OMC200272    $137 CAD173

0.5X C-mount camera adapter for 1/2in chip sensors

OMC200282    $137 CAD173

0.35X C-mount camera adapter for 1/3in chip sensors

OMC200262    $188 CAD237

Photo Adapter

OMC200292    $108 CAD136

Photo eyepiece 2.5X

     $191  CAD241

Photo eyepiece 4X

OMC900692    $150 CAD189

zyxOptional Accessories


45mm Green Interference Filter for AE30/31

SG06.0769A     $31  CAD39

BA/AE 45 mm Blue filter for AE30/31/BA310

SG06.070M    $12  CAD15

Neutral Density Filter N.D.2 45mm

OMC200101    $17  CAD21

BA-Didymium filter 45 mm for BA300/400 (New Code)

OMC200111    $66  CAD83

Neutral Density Filter N.D.2 32mm

OMC200172    $66  CAD83

zyxAE30/31 Replacement bulbs


6V/30W Quartz halogen replacement bulb

SE06.0215    $16  CAD20

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