Objectives for AE30/31 inverted scopes
 Posted on March 04, 2012
Objectives shown are designed for Moticís AE30 / 31 line of inverted microscope systems.

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Part # / Price
Objectives, Plan Achromat
CCIS Plan Achromat PL 4X / 0.1 for inverted scope
OMC700341    $96  CAD97
CCIS Plan Achromat PL10X / 0.25 for inverted scope
OMC700391    $118 CAD119
Objectives, Plan Achromat LWD inv.
CCIS LWD Plan Achromat LWD PL 20X / 0.4 for inverted scope
OMC700461    $232 CAD233
CCIS LWD Plan Achromat LWD PL 40X / 0.6 for inverted scope
OMC700521    $484 CAD487
CCIS LWD Plan Achromat LWD PL 60X / 0.7 for inverted scope
OMC700601    $1018  CAD1024
Objectives, Plan Phase LWD inv
CCIS Plan Achromat phase LWD Ph10X / 0.25
OMC700411    $134 CAD135
CCIS LWD Plan Achromat phase LWD Ph20X / 0.40
OMC700481    $300 CAD302
CCIS LWD Plan Achromat phase LWD Ph40X / 0.60
OMC700541    $593 CAD596
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