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6.5X Zoom Scope, LWD objective front end

 Posted on 7/9/09


[Zoom 6.5 5X obj] [Zoom 6.5 10X obj] [Zoom 6.5 20X obj]

Zoom 70XL TV tubesWhen compared to compound scopes Zoom microscopes offer many benefits:

Less or even no switching between different objectives means less to no problems with centering or parfocality
Longer Working Distance compared to compound scope by reaching higher magnifications while using an objective with relatively low magnification
Overall cost savings against compound microscope since only 1 or 2 objectives will be needed and at lower magnification
Reaching very high magnifications, far into diffraction area, is possible at quite low cost using a 50X objective. We did try objective part # OKHSL50 and here with another wafer.

Here is a comparison between Zoom and Compound Scope using objective OKHSL50 and magnification around 500X.
For 1000X the compound scope could use the same objective with 20X eyepieces to avoid buying a significantly higher cost 100X objective. But the field of view is then 9 mm only. The zoom scope can use the standard 10X eyepieces with FN20 and a zoom setting of 1.5.

The supplied standard nosepiece is for small DIN objectives. When using much larger Mitutoyo style objectives only two of them can be installed at the same time. That should not be a problem, most users will never need to use more than one or two objectives anyway.
But if needed we can supply systems with 4-position centering nosepieces (DIN threading but you can install 4 objectives simultaneously using our adapters) or 5-position Mitutoyo compatible nose pieces.
Please see this page for
detailed information and pricing. And here are more images of nosepieces with objectives .

Please contact us with any questions.

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