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 Posted on March 23, 2016




0.765 US$ per CAD on posting date

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Zoom 6000 for NIR Navitar offers a high magnification Zoom 6000 system designed for used in the NIR range. The NIR system has been specially coated to offer high resolution and unparalleled sensitivity for capturing microscopic images in the near infrared (NIR) Navitar Zoom 6000 NIR moduleswavelength band of 700-1550 nm.
This modular zoom lens system can be configured to fit nearly any application. Motorized lenses are available upon request.

Manual Zoom Modules: Designed to offer flexibility in a variety of imaging applications when an automated system is not necessary. Manual adjustment of the zoom and focus allow the user to change the field of view and regain focus when the sample they are imaging changes size.

Apertures: The aperture function allows the user to adjust the amount of light that flows through the system without adjusting light source intensity. The aperture also can improve depth of field when it is adjusted properly.

Detents: Obtain specific "stops" throughout the zoom range by selecting a body tube with Detents. Typically used in measuring systems where each position may be calibrated. Pre-set stops are located at 1X, 2X, 3X and 4X on the zoom scale.

Fine Focus:  For applications without separate moving support systems, the Fine Focus body tubes offer focus over a 3 mm (coaxial models only) or a 12 mm (non-coaxial models) Fine Focus axial distance at the object. Available in manual and motorized versions.

Motorized Drive: Automated, motorized control of the zoom and fine focus can be requested. Accurate and repeatable positions can be achieved. Several configurations exist to allow for flexible options. 

Coaxial Illumination:  Coaxial / on axis illumination is most effective when imaging flat specular surfaces.  By integrating the coaxial illumination port, a collimated, diffuse and uniform illumination source is integrated into a zoom lens.

Transmission curve shows for the Zoom6000 NIR parts excellent transmission rates from 900 to more than 1600 nm.

Field of View for Zoom 6000 bodies, also when used mit Mitutoyo style objectives.

Images and links to outside dimensions will follow asap. If you need more information on a specific part let us know and we will update that area first.

    Please contact us with any questions.

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    Part # / Price

    0.5X Lens Attachment, Infrared

    1-60110-IR     CAD0  US$0

    0.75X Lens Attachment, Infrared

    1-60111-IR     CAD0  US$0

    1.5X Lens Attachment, Infrared

    1-60112-IR     CAD0  US$0

    2.0X Lens Attachment, Infrared

    1-60113-IR     CAD0  US$0

    6.5X Zoom, 3 mm FF, Coax, Infrared

    1-60123-IR     CAD0  US$0

    6.5X Zoom, 12 mm FF, Infrared

    1-60135-IR     CAD3,667  US$2,779

    1.0X Standard Adapter, Infrared

    1-6015-IR    CAD124 US$92

    Non Inverting Right Angle Mount w/ Prism, Infrared

    1-60165-IR     CAD0  US$0

    0.67X Non Inverting Right Angle Adapter, Infrared

    1-60172-IR     CAD0  US$0

    1.0X Non Inverting Right Angle Adapter

    1-60175-IR     CAD238 US$177

    2.0X Non Inverting Right Angle Adapter, Infrared

    1-60185-IR     CAD0  US$0

    1.0X Mini Adapter, Infrared

    1-60189-IR     CAD0  US$0

    6.5X UltraZoom, 12 mm FF, Infrared

    1-60190-IR     CAD0  US$0

    6.5X UltraZoom, 3 mm FF, Coax, Infrared

    1-60191-IR     CAD0  US$0

    6.5X UltraZoom, non FF, Dentent, Infrared

    1-60349D-IR    CAD0 US$0

    6.5X UltraZoom, non FF, Infrared

    1-60349-IR     CAD0  US$0

    6.5X UltraZoom, Coax, Infrared

    1-60350-IR     CAD0  US$0

    0.5X Standard Adapter, Infrared

    1-60439-IR     CAD0  US$0

    0.67X Mini Adapter, Telescoping, Infrared

    1-61001-IR     CAD0  US$0

    1.0X Right Angle Adapter

    1-6118-IR    CAD151 US$112

    2.0X Mini Adapter, Telescoping, Infrared

    1-61390-IR     CAD0  US$0

    1.0X Right Angle Adapter, Telescoping

    1-61997-IR     CAD346 US$257

    1.0X Standard Adapter, Telescopic, Infrared

    1-6218-IR    CAD238 US$177

    6.5X Zoom, Aperture, Infrared

    1-6265A-IR     CAD0  US$0

    6.5X Zoom, Infrared

    1-6265-IR    CAD0 US$0

    2X F-mount Adapter Tube, Infrared

    1-62922-IR     CAD0  US$0

    2X F-mount Adapter Tube for Right Angle, Infrared

    1-63218-IR     CAD0  US$0

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