Zoom 70XL Optical System
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 Posted on August 12, 2016
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Optem Zoom 70XL Optical SystemOptem’s Zoom 70XL is an Optical System for inspection and testing.
Optomechanical Reliability and Guaranteed Stamina
The Zoom 70XL is specifically designed to stand up to the grueling conditions associated with today’s high-repetition automated vision and inspection applications. Delivering a 7:1 zoom ratio and a magnification range of 0.75X – 5.25X, the Zoom 70XL translates to dependable, high-quality optical performance at an affordable price.
“XL” stands for Xtended Life
Backed by superior engineering and only the highest-quality components and materials, the Optem™ Zoom 70XL represents the pinnacle in heavy-duty cycling reliability. Qioptiq Imaging Solutions guarantees a minimum of 250,000 cycles without mechanical failure! This exceptional reliability presents the Zoom 70XL as the ideal solution for today’s most demanding and critical vision applications.
As with all Optem® Zoom Systems, flexibility and modularity are standard features. Mix and match a variety of Zoom Modules with Function Modules for the exact operational and optical performance to suit your application. The Zoom 70XL line also offers a series of fully motorized (DC or Stepper), Non-Modular Models for streamlined OEM integration.
Optem LWD objectives with Long Working Distance, High Resolution too!Here is Optem’s line of LWD objectives for use on their ZOOM Optical Systems or other industrial scopes. Also, these are exact replacements for Mitutoyo’s 378-80X line.
Please take look at their High Resolution objectives, they are very attractive from both a performance and pricing viewpoint.

Pricing and availability reflect the latest pricelist, received  on July 29 2016, valid from 8/1.
Please contact us with any questions.
System diagram shows all available modules and how they relate to each other, complete with opto-mechanical, illumination and power / control path.
Performance Matrix shows working distance, field of view with differemt camera sensor sizes, vignetting problems, and more, for available part combinations.
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