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Navitar Zoom 6000 modular system

 Posted on March 23, 2016


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System diagram shows all available modules and how they relate to each other, complete with opto-mechanical, illumination and power / control path.
Or here on
Navitar’s site with drill-down to outline drawing of selected item.
Specifications gives you WD, NA, feature and pixel size, depth of field for available tube/lens combinations.
Field of View Matrix shows working distance, field of view with different camera sensor sizes, vignetting problems, and more, for available part combinations.
Performance Matrix for UltraZoom gives you the same data when using selected Mitutoyo LWD objectives.
Or let the
Optical Wizard suggest a possible parts combination for your project. 
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Navitar offers a wide range of Optical Systems for inspection and testing.
Zoom 6000 Lens System - A Workhorse to Fit Nearly Any Application
Navitar 6.5 to 1  highly modular zoom system
With a diverse selection of body tubes, accessory optics, motorized configurations, and lighting techniques, the Zoom 6000 is Navitar’s workhorse with unbeatable versatility. This modular zoom lens system with 6.5 to 1 zoom ratio incorporates Navitar’s world-renowned optics. This “building block design” can be configured to fit nearly any application.

Images and links to outside dimensions will follow asap. If you need more information on a specific part let us know and we will update that area first.

Please contact us with any questions.

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