Zoom160 Optical System
 Posted on August 13, 2016
Example of Zoom 160 assembled Optical SystemThe Optical Muscle of a Research Microscope…
...and the versatility of an Optem® Zoom. When resolving the finest details of your subject is mission critical to your application, but the operation of a conventional research microscope is too cumbersome, the Optem® Zoom 160 Optical System is the perfect solution.
With it’s unprecedented zoom range and resolution, the Zoom 160 can be easily configured to deliver optical performance rivaling that of benchtop research microscopes. Combine this optical performance with the added versatility of continuous 16:1 field-of-view and magnification flexibility, automatable zoom and focus functions, and crisp video output... and you have a powerful research instrument worthy of today’s rapidly advancing high-definition video technologies.
A robust 16:1 zoom ratio covers magnifications from 0.5X to 8.0X at 89mm working distance in nominal configuration. The innovative optical design incorporates the highest-grade glass and is reinforced with equally refined components and accessories. Imaging through these elevated optical standards, the Zoom 160 System offers a maximum resolution of 0.30 NA and 900 lp/mm.
Not any more listed in current August 2016 pricelist.
Every operational Zoom 160 Optical System requires the following base components:

Base components for Zoom 160 Optical SystemC-Mount or Bayonet Coupler see Lenses and Adapters
Attaches the camera to the dovetail tube

Dovetail TV Tube see TV tubes
Positions the camera at the proper distance
from the zoom (rear conjugate)

Upper Zoom Module see Zoom160 Upper
Contains the core zoom mechanics

Lower Function Module see Zoom160 Lower
Houses internal focus and coaxial illumination options

Objective Lens see Auxiliary Lenses
Transmits image to zoom module at “infinity”
Here is a brochure and a function diagram showing available modules and the relationship between them. The first file is in PDF format, you will need to have a PDF viewer installed inside your browser. Right clicking will allow you to save the files to your local machine. To view them you will need to install - if not already available - a free PDF reader.
Pricing and availability reflect the pricelist from January 2012, unfortunately many Zoom160 parts like most important the upper zoom modules are not any more listed in August 2016 pricelist.
Please contact us with any questions.
System diagram shows all available modules and how they relate to each other, complete with opto-mechanical, illumination and power / control path.
Performance Matrix shows working distance, field of view with differemt camera sensor sizes, vignetting problems, and more, for available part combinations.
System Diagram in new window, allowing you to switch back and forth to other parts while putting your system together.
Likewise Performance Matrix in new window.
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