Zoom 6000 Auxiliary Lenses
 Posted on November 07, 2013
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Zomm 6000 auxiliary lensesAuxiliary Lenses for Navitar Zoom 6000 systems.
Lens attachments for the Zoom 6000 system attach to the base of the system body tube and are available in a variety of magnifications. The normal working distances of the zoom system is approximately 90 mm. Lens attachments thread onto the bottom of the zoom system and can extend the working distance out to 350 mm or pull it in as close as 35 mm. The extending lenses (0.75X, 0.5X, and 0.25X) decrease the overall magnification, and increase the field of view. The shortening lenses (1.5X and 2.0X) increase the magnification and decrease the field of view. As the working distance goes from long to short, the "taking NA" of the system increases, resulting in an increase in resolving power.

Right Angle (RA) and Non-Inverting Right Angle (NIRA)

Navitar offers a series of RA and NIRA attachments that are fitted to the object side of our Zoom 6000 body tubes.
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Part # / Price
0.5X Lens Attachment
1-60110    CAD194 US$182
0.75X Lens Attachment
1-60111    CAD194 US$182
1.5X Lens Attachment
1-60112    CAD194 US$182
2.0X Lens Attachment
1-60113    CAD194 US$182
0.25X Lens Attachment
1-6044     CAD280  US$262
UltraZoom Converter Lens
1-60640    CAD146 US$137
1.5X Non Inverting Right Angle Viewer (7 mm working distance)
1-60869    CAD829 US$776
0.75X Non Inverting Right Angle Viewer (69 mm working distance)
1-61217    CAD799 US$748
0.5X Non Inverting Right Angle Viewer (131 mm working distance)
1-61595    CAD799 US$748
Right Angle Lens Attachment
1-62866    CAD552 US$517
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