Zoom 6000 Controller & Power Supply
 Posted on November 07, 2013
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Zomm 6000 manual zoom bodiesControllers and Power Supplies for Navitar Zoom 6000 systems.
Controllers are utilized when specifying a motorized zoom lens. The controller allows you to drive the motor and tell it when to change positions. Power supplies are necessary to power the controller and drivers.
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Part # / Price
2 Phase Enclosure
ON162420     CAD1350  US$1264
Universal Power Supply (24Vdc @ 1.5A)
ON162504     CAD130 US$122
5 Phase Enclosure
ON162506     CAD1350  US$1264
Servo with Encoder Enclosure
ON162508     CAD1350  US$1264
HE Manual Motor Controller
ON162823_Z6    CAD517 US$484
Universal Power Supply (PSE mark, 24Vdc @ 1.25A)
ON163018     CAD157 US$147
Servo with Encoder PCB
ON262509     CAD687 US$643
5 Phase Stepper PCB
ON262590     CAD687 US$643
Brightlight II Control - board only (Digital)
ON262731     CAD687 US$643
USB Cable (6 feet)
ON862501     CAD44  US$41
RS-232 Cable (6 feet)
ON862502     CAD44  US$41
Domestic Power Supply (120 Vac, 60 Hz)
ON862503     CAD65  US$61
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