Zoom Microscopes with fiberoptic illumination and various viewing heads, 20X LWD objectives from different manufacturers

Posted on 07/09/09


FU1010, Bi Kopf, 6,5X Zoom, 2 x 10X comp. Eyepieces, illuminator, light source, 36in fiber optic guide, Optem 20X HR LWD objective

Optem® High Resolution objective with working distance of 13 mm but very high NA for LWD objective of 0.60 will reduce diffraction at high magnification values even more.
Complete kit is based on FU1010 focus block and 6.5X Zoom module, comes with the following parts:

1 x FU1010 Focus Block with 40mm travel, quadruple nosepiece with DIN threading, no pole stand mount
1 x MS-3 Zoom module 0.7X to 4.5X
1 x MS-9 Auxiliary lens 2.0X
1 x MA602 Inclined Binocular Head, results in erect image because of additional conversion
2 x MA407 DIN KHW10X compensating eyepiece, FN 20 (each)
1 x MA806 Infinity Corrected Vertical Koehler Illuminator
1 x FT190/115 Light Source: 120VAC, 50-60Hz
1 x FT190/12-36 Single arm light guide, 36", flexible
1 x OQO282046 Optem® M-Plan APO 20x NA=0.60 WD=13 mm High Resolution Metallurgical objective
1 x OKRMSM Adapter Mitutoyo threading to DIN threading of nosepiece

Pole stand, adapter for pole mount, stage with micrometer in image are not included with this offer.

This product comes with lifetime limited warranty on Meiji Techno parts and 5-year warranty on custom items, 1 year on objective.

Magnification based on objective (5X,10X, 20X, 50X) and zoom setting.

Click here for camera images at various zoom settings


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