Zoom 12:1  Upper Tubes
 Posted on March 05, 2012
Upper tube for 12:1 zoomUpper Tubes are designed for CS-mount. The zoom modules upper base for the tube is adjustable and can be made to work with a C-mount camera.
Image at left shows 1.0X upper tube.These tubes have internal lenses and are quite short. For example the 1X tube has an installed length of 52.25 mm. Other zoom system manufacturer list their designs as mini tubes or adapters.
Upper tubes are available in 0.4, 0.5, 0.67, 1.0. 1.5, 2.0X magnification.
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    Part # / Price
    12:1 upper tube, 0.4X magnification, CS-mount
    OZDH1204     CAD187 US$184
    12:1 upper tube, 0.5X magnification, CS-mount
    OZDH1205     CAD187 US$184
    12:1 upper tube, 0.67X magnification, CS-mount
    OZDH12067    CAD187 US$184
    12:1 upper tube, 1.0X magnification, CS-mount
    OZDH1210     CAD187 US$184
    12:1 upper tube, 1.5X magnification, CS-mount
    OZDH1215     CAD197 US$194
    12:1 upper tube, 2.0X magnification, CS-mount
    OZDH1220     CAD192 US$189
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