LWD Objectives for 12:1 Zoom
 Posted on March 05, 2012
5X LWD objective with 44.5 mm working distanceLWD objectives from various manufacturers allow to extend operating parameters of the 12:1 xoom.
DIN objectives fit directly and offer extended working distance at extremely low cost.
For maximum WD you will need a Mitutoyo style objective plus low cost adapter.
Image at left shows 5X Mitutoyo workalike.The outstanding 44.5 mm working distance - some 10 mm more than all other LWD objectives - makes it a must-have item for some applications.
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    Part # / Price
    DIN Achromat Plan Objective 4X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.1, WD 29.4 mm
    PI4W29N1     CAD60  US$59
    DIN Achromat Plan Objective 10X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.25, WD 16.0 mm
    PI10W16N25     CAD100 US$99
    DIN Achromat Plan Objective 20X, Infinity for 200 mm tube lens, NA 0.40, WD 10.5 mm
    PI20W10N40Z    CAD171 US$169
    Adapter for standard Mitutoyo to RMS threading
    OKRMSM     CAD50 US$49
    Plan APO 5x NA=0.13 WD=44.5 mm Metallurgical objective
    OKHSL05    CAD303 US$299
    Plan APO 10x NA=0.28 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective
    OKHSL10    CAD695 US$686
    Plan APO 20x NA=0.29 WD=31 mm Metallurgical objective
    OKHSL20    CAD1003  US$989
    Plan APO ELWD 5x NA=0.140 WD=34 mm Metallurgical objective
    SG01S162C3     CAD447 US$441
    Plan APO ELWD 10x NA=0.280 WD=33.5 mm Metallurgical objective
    SG01S022C3     CAD522 US$515
    Plan APO ELWD 20x NA=0.420 WD=20 mm Metallurgical objective
    SG01S032C3     CAD1147  US$1131
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