Z12 Auxiliary Lenses
 Posted on March 05, 2012
Navitar 12:1 manual zoom bodiesAuxiliary Lenses are available in 0.3. 0.5. 0.75. 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 5.0X magnification.
Image at left shows 1X auxiliary lens.
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    Part # / Price
    12:1 auxiliary lens, 0.3X magnification, WD 293 mm
    OZDH12A03    CAD280 US$276
    12:1 auxiliary lens, 0.5X magnification, WD 175 mm
    OZDH12A05    CAD245 US$242
    12:1 auxiliary lens, 0.75X magnification, WD 117 mm
    OZDH12A067     CAD245 US$242
    12:1 auxiliary lens, 1.0X magnification, WD 82 mm
    OZDH12A10    CAD187 US$184
    12:1 auxiliary lens, 1.5X magnification, WD 54 mm
    OZDH12A15    CAD245 US$242
    12:1 auxiliary lens, 2.0X magnification, WD 35 mm
    OZDH12A20    CAD280 US$276
    12:1 auxiliary lens, 5.0X magnification, WD 10.1 mm
    OZDH12A50    CAD280 US$276
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