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Telecentric Zoom 100 Optical System

 Posted on 7/9/09


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Optem Telecentric Zoom 100 Optical SystemTelecentric Zoom 100 System testing.
Setting the New Standard in Metrological Accuracy
In anticipation of the increasing precision requirements of metrology and quality assurance in the high-tech manufacturing and R&D realms, Qioptiq Imaging Solutions has developed a patented 10:1 Zoom Optical System that delivers telecentric imaging with less than 0.1% distortion across the entire zoom range.

Simply stated, Qioptiq Imaging Solutionsís Telecentric Zoom 100 delivers the imaging precision most needed for metrological accuracy. Its ingenious design virtually eliminates the distortion and parallax of an object regardless of its position in the field-of-view.

The Optem® Telecentric Zoom 100 features:

  • Unprecedented <0.1% Distortion
  • Zero Vignetting
  • E-Iris Version Guarantees 400,000 Cycle

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