Parts for Motic PSM-1000 Scope
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 Posted on August 04, 2016
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Motic PSM-1000 Industrial MicroscopeMotic’s PSM-1000 is an industrial microscope for inspection, testing, laser repair, and ablation.
It employs a series of features to facilitate switchover between inspection and laser work. Quick conversion between different operational modes is by means of a 3-lens changeover turret and a special beam splitter.
The 3-position changeover turret permits the user to select the spectrum to operate in or simply to magnify the image 2X [maximum magnification 2000X with 100X objective].
The optical prism for the beam splitter (50:50 / 0:100) can be moved out of the way to achieve maximum transmission efficiency when using a laser, 82% at 1064 nm.
Precise movements are crucial when working at high magnification, be it inspection or laser work on wafers or flat panels. Even at 1 µm the PSM-1000's focusing block can handle mounted weights of up to 45lbs without noticeable flexing. And total stroke is 50mm with concentric coarse and fine focussing.
Motic LWD objectives with Long Working Distance and optional Parfocal AdjustmentHere is Motic’s line of LWD objectives for use on their PSM-1000 or other industrial scopes. Fine adjustment of Parfocal Length is an optional feature on all objectives. And a 100X version with high Numerical Aperture and medium Working Distance (0.80/3 mm) complements what’s available in the market, at very attractive pricing.
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Part # / Price
Motic PSM-1000
PSM-1000 Industrial microscope system
PP99777001     CAD7090  US$5270
PSM-1000 Head only, no objectives or focus block included
AP9977727    CAD5540  US$4118
PSM-1000E Industrial microscope system
PP99777001     CAD8274  US$6150
PSM-1000 Head only, no objectives or focus block included
AP9977727    CAD7032  US$5227
Motic Eyepieces
Eyepiece (1) 10X / FN24
SG02S0173    CAD391 US$291
Eyepiece (1) 15X / FN16
SG02T0316    CAD252 US$187
Eyepiece (1) 20X / FN12
SG02T0317    CAD252 US$187
EyeShield (1) for 10X eyepiece
SW022164     CAD5  US$4
Motic Reticles
Crosshair, plain
SG060369     CAD58 US$43
Crosshair with 360° protractor in 30° increments
SG060314     CAD124 US$92
Crosshair, plain and graduated line, 14 mm in 0.1 mm increments
SG060315     CAD124 US$92
Graduated line, 14 mm in 0.1 mm increments
SG060320     CAD124 US$92
Motic C-Mount camera adapters
C-Mount camera adapter 1.0X, no lens, focusable, 38 mm dia mounting
SP100386A    CAD175 US$130
C-Mount camera adapter 0.5X, focusable, for 2/3in sensor, 38 mm dia mounting
SP100363     CAD697 US$518
C-Mount camera adapter 0.4X, focusable, for ˝in in sensor, 38 mm dia mounting
SP100365B    CAD697 US$518
Motic Stand, Stage, other accessories
Industrial strength Stand for PSM-1000, compact footprint with attached 150mm x 100mm mechanical stage
OMCSW010282A     CAD1456  US$1082
Stage 150 x 100 mm x-y travel
OMCSP100312P     CAD322 US$239
Rotating Plate, manually operated, for stage
OMCAX4007011     CAD86  US$64
Stage plate black/white, reversible, for stage
OMCSW0223D9    CAD27  US$20
Motic PSM-1000, Focus Block, other accessories and replacements
Polarizer slider
OMC000222    CAD284 US$211
Analyzer slider
OMC000212    CAD357 US$265
Rotary empty slider
OMC6000231     CAD215 US$160
Focusing block for PSM-1000
OMC6000241     CAD1629  US$1211
Adjustable nosepieces  One fixed and three adjustable positions
OMC900201    CAD35  US$26
Centering keys for quadruple nosepiece
OMC700142    CAD22  US$16
RMS objective adapter [per piece]
OMC000021    CAD22  US$16
Motic PSM-1000, replacement parts
Trinocular port cover
OMC000011    CAD15  US$11
Trinocular head securing screw
OMC000371    CAD8 US$6
Laser safety pin
OMC000331    CAD15  US$11
Shims [set]
OMC000551    CAD8 US$6
Nosepiece port cover [per piece]
OMC000601    CAD35  US$26
Analyzer/polarizer port cover [per piece]
OMC000381    CAD22  US$16
Beam splitter handle
OMC000121    CAD22  US$16
Fiber optic port cover
OMC000451    CAD22  US$16
Dust cover for PSM-1000
OMC202081    CAD22  US$16
PSM-1000 eyetube covers
OMC401211    CAD22  US$16
Coarse focus knob for PSM-1000
OMC000091    CAD35  US$26
Fine focus knob for PSM-1000
OMC000101    CAD22  US$16
Motic Fiber Optic illumination
Motic MLC-150 Fiber optic illuminator
SP120070     CAD507 US$377
Blue filter for Motic MLC-150 Fiber optic illuminator
SG0699H5     CAD47 US$35
Motic PSM-1000 light guide
OMCSP990073    CAD299 US$222
Gooseneck 1-arm light guide 0.5m length with standard straight distal end type
OMC000132    CAD133 US$99
Halogen bulb for MLC-150 light source
SE060216     CAD90 US$67
Motic MLC-150 to Mitutoyo light guide adapter
SE060216     CAD58 US$43
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