Motic's PSM-1000 Industrial Scope
 Posted on August 04, 2016
MoMotic PSM-1000 Industrial Microscopeticís PSM-1000 is an industrial microscope for inspection, testing, laser repair and ablation.
It employs a series of features to facilitate switchover between inspection and laser work. Quick conversion between different operational modes is by means of a 3-lens changeover turret and a special beam splitter.
The 3-position changeover turret permits the user to select the spectrum to operate in or simply to magnify the image 2X [maximum magnification 2000X with 100X objective].
The optical prism for the beam splitter (50:50 / 0:100) can be moved out of the way to achieve maximum transmission efficiency when using a laser, 82% at 1064 nm.
Precise movements are crucial when working at high magnification, be it inspection or laser work on wafers or flat panels. Even at 1 Ķm the PSM-1000's focusing block can handle mounted weights of up to 45lbs without noticeable flexing. And total stroke is 50mm with concentric coarse and fine focussing.
Motic LWD objective with precice adjustment of parfocal lengthHere is Moticís line of LWD objectives for use on their PSM-1000 or other industrial scopes. Fine adjustment of Parfocal Length is an optional feature on all objectives outside 100X. And a 100X version with high Numerical Aperture and medium Working Distance (0.80/3 mm) complements whatís available in the market, at very attractive pricing.
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